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How does your e-cig battery compare with the battery in your iPhone?


How does your e-cig battery compare with the battery in your iPhone?

When we develop our e-cig batteries, we design them to be reliable products that serve our vapers better than an iPhone or other mobile device wherever possible.

We don’t want users to take a draw on their e-cigarette, only to find that the battery has given up on them just when they really wanted the comfort of a flavoured e-liquid – particularly if they are trying to switch from smoking.

So, just how well does an e-cig battery stand up against an iPhone? Let’s have a look.

Phone battery vs. e-cig battery

iPhone batteries don’t have the stamina!

Apple is renowned for maximising the design and technology of its products so that you can get the very best out of them. However, this drive for efficiency takes its toll on an iPhone’s battery life, because of the array of functions these phones are trying to run at the same time.

Apps, email push notifications, internet usage, mobile data, weak signal… they all have an impact on the slender battery of the slim, powerful device. Don’t be surprised to see a colleague hunting around the office for an iPhone charger from time to time.

The battery of a heavily used iPhone with mobile data switched on quickly becomes exhausted, lasting anything from just a few hours to no longer than a day. If you have the data switched off and don’t use your iPhone too frequently, you can get around one and a half to two days out of your iPhone, depending on the model, before racing to the nearest socket. Batteries take around two hours to charge.

Battery life - Apple vs. blu

The titanic strength of our e-cig batteries

When it comes to batteries, blu UK e-cigarettes are a match for any smartphone! The ecig batteries of our blu™ Starter Kits and blu™ Premium Kits take just a couple of hours to charge, and will give you around 300 puffs (or three fag pack’s worth).

A battery will give you two to four months of sheer vaping pleasure. In technical terms, that’s 250 to 300 charge cycles. Either way, it puts the iPhone to shame.

Meanwhile, our blu™ Pro Kit batteries also rise to the challenge. Charge up the smaller, 650 mAh Pro Battery and once you unplug it from your e cig charger two and a half hours later, you’re good to go for 900 puffs. Opt for the larger 950 mAh battery, wait a patient three hours before unplugging it from the e cig charger, and enjoy 1,200 puffs.

The extra benefit of these Pro batteries for Pro Kits is that you can charge them up safely. They only fit the USB e-charger that comes with the kit.

A blu™ electronic cigarette is a positive lifestyle choice, so why not enjoy a reliable e cig battery and some good quality accessories?

Keep calm with a blu e-cig battery

Images by Evil Erin, JD Hancock and Kevin Dinkel, used under Creative Commons licence


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