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How else is the vapour technology in your e-cig used?


How else is the vapour technology in your e-cig used?

You know those bits in the movies where they reveal that the vast bulk of our modern technology has been reverse engineered from a downed alien spacecraft?

This isn’t really like that, but it’s still pretty cool though.

Vapour technology is essentially very simple. Take our blu UK™ E-liquid flavours, which contain US pharmaceutical grade nicotine, some natural and artificial flavourings and propylene glycol (PG). It just so happens that the PG-based vapour in electronic cigs is used in various other commercial applications too.

It’s highly likely you’ll see propylene-glycol-based vapour at the following types of occasion:


How e cigs work is relatively straightforward. It’s a simple matter of feeding a glycerine-based liquid to a heating element. The heating element then vaporises this liquid. Fog machines operate on the same principle.

Raves, on the other hand, function by filling a warehouse, field or a small island with thousands of young people and other fun loving, dance-mad party lovers and electrifying the venue with cosmic blasts of sound. Robust plumes of vapour from monumental fog machines are often brought in to enhance the atmosphere. By the by, blu™ Starter Kits and blu™ Premium Kits are perfect for raves, festivals and concerts. As long as your electronic cigarette is fully charged, the tip lights up with a bright blue LED, making you easy to identify in the shadows.

Vapour-filled raves

Amateur dramatics

‘How does an e cig work? That is the question.’ How e-cigs work is of course far from the agenda of your average budding thespian. Remember, it’s hard for young thespians: they pine and agonise over whether they’ll ever play the Dane, or Lady Macbeth, or Shrub #4. Amateur dramatics is only for the strong of heart.

When budgets are tight, renting a half-decent vapour machine can prove to be the crucial difference between a triumph and flop. A massive burst of vapour will enhance pathetic fallacy, make scary bits scarier and even disorientate the audience, enabling the performer to hide if things are really going wrong. With good vapour at their disposal, aspiring Denches and McKellens can shine in whatever role they’re playing.

Bewitching vapour

Fire service training

Firefighters across the world will be familiar with how e-cigs work because they use giant ones to simulate smoke during their training. Whilst your typical electronic cig will operate somewhere between three and nine watts, fire training machines operate at thousands of watts. The machines produce a vapour so thick that it’s almost viscous.

Fire service training providers talk about vapour having a long ‘hang time’ — the longer the hang time the better the smoke simulated. Not to undermine the seriousness of top level fire training, but surely the phrase ‘hang time’ should be ushered into the vaping community too. It really does sound like something you’d say while relaxing with your friends, smoking e cigarettes: ‘Whoa! Your vape has incredible hang time — and it smells like cherry too!’

Firemen, phwoaaahh!!

Aromatherapy evenings

Fans of relaxing fragrances and ambient moods have ingeniously appropriated vaporiser technology to their advantage in ultrasonic aromatherapy ionisers. These devices create a cool, scented and tranquil mist perfect for chillaxing.

With these handy pieces of kit you can walk into a Japanese herb garden or a Scottish pine forest whilst sitting at home in your living room. But who needs one of these when you can have an electronic cig in your pocket loaded with Menthol or Vanilla. Bring peace and love into your everyday life with blu UK.

So there you have it: the technology in your electronic cig device has universal value. Know how to work one of these and you also have an insight into how to work an ecig!

Images by iantmcfarland, Abron and Official U.S. Navy Imagery, used under Creative Commons licence.

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