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How to Save With E-cigs and Be More Interesting


How to Save With E-cigs and Be More Interesting

There are lots of different ways to become more interesting. You could buy a pink moped and drive it through Europe – or what about getting a tattoo on your forehead? The key thing to remember is not to panic and do something rash. Pick a line of action and go for it.

So, you’ve chosen a charming tribal design and picked the perfect spot above your eyebrows. Great! But the tattoo artist isn’t about to start working for free. You need to save up some money.

Here’s where e-cigarettes come in. As well as being a fantastic alternative to smoking, they enable you to save a bit of money too. With your average pack of 20 cigarettes costing upwards of £10 nowadays, e-cigs present a cheap and satisfying alternative to cigarettes. Switch to e-cigs this year and you might be surprised at just how much money you stand to save.

Check out our latest infographic to find out about saving money with e-cigs and becoming more interesting at the same time. Get inspired with some fresh ideas and have a brilliant 2016 with blu.

P.S. The forehead tattoo thing. Probably not a good plan.

how to save with e-cigs

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