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Make your New Year’s resolution easy


Make your New Year’s resolution easy

Most New Year’s resolutions will make you feel good in the long run. But what about day-to-day? That’s the tough bit. Here’s our guide to breaking through “the wall” and reaching your goal.

Sinners are winners

If your resolution involves doing less of something, try upping your game with another sin. So if you’re trying to spend less time on Facebook, balance out less sloth with extra afternoon delight (lust). The yin-yang approach also works if you’re resolved to do more of something. Say you want to help your local community. Level out that altruism with extra wrath. Be that girl who screams “track back!” at hockey. Or the hero who shouts at angry cyclists.

Seize the day

It’s great to have long term goals, but you need a little day-to-day encouragement to get there. So if you want to travel more, swap that hour of telly with recon of places you want to visit. Trying to save money? Plot what you’ll do with all that extra cash. Want to stress less? Get out of the office for your lunch hour and try some yoga.

Share the love

Some resolutions work better with other people. Learning a language? Mix up Rosetta Stone with actual classes and real people. Want to help the environment? Save water and shower with your partner. Looking to volunteer? Site’s like Do It will help you get in touch with other enthusiasts.

Get creative with your resolutions

Ever noticed the same New Year’s resolutions crop up again and again? Travel more, save money, stress less… A fortune cookie approach to resolutions can be prove just as empty and ill-fated. But if you get creative with your resolution – and make it your own – you’re more likely to stick by it.

So instead of learning something new, master Taiko drumming. Don’t do good, build a skate park. Why save money when you can upcycle old furniture? Make a resolution your own and you might find you’re not just getting by; you’re actually enjoying it.

If your resolution is to try an alternative to smoking cigarettes, take a look at our e-cigarette kits.

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