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Next generation music technology


Next generation music technology

Technology is developing at an exceptional rate, making it difficult to keep up with some of the things which are now possible in many different areas of life. Just a decade ago we would have struggled to comprehend some of the incredible technology which is now in common across the world. There is no suggestion that such innovation is going to slow down either, and trying to predict where the next big changes could happen is increasingly challenging.

We had a look at the next big technology advances we think could impact the world of music across composition, performance, and consumption.

Smart Headphones

Streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music are already more aware of our tastes than we could have predicted, and can now use algorithms to present us with options which match our tastes – even if we don’t know it yet.

It’s only a matter of time before this learning ability moves to other devices and learns to cater to us automatically. A strong example of this technology currently in production is the Aivvy Q Headphones, which have a built in streaming service which will learn your tastes and choose music just for you. Additional features include a battery capable of 40 hours continuous playback and automatic pause when you take the headphones off.

Composition by Live Coding

The traditional language of musical composition has been well established for hundreds of years, but developments in modern technology are democratising music compositions using tools which works outside of traditional notation. Live coding tools are converting complex notes and bars into simple language commands which can be learned by almost anyone. One of the best examples of this is live coding composition through programmes like ixi lang. This video of the software’s creator Thor Magnusson demonstrating the capabilities of the tool for use in live performance, and it seems pretty impressive to us.

Practise before the SC Symposium gig from ixi audio on Vimeo.

Wireless Studios

This may not seem like an exciting development to many but the development of wireless technology means that studios will soon exist without the necessity for complex cable arrangements. This will make a huge difference to producers and musicians, who will be able to set up and record easier than ever before. It could also have considerable impact on the live performance arena, making setup much easier – we could even see that boring spell between support band and headliner all but disappear thanks to this technology.

Ear-Free Headphones

Smart headphones look positively medieval next to these futuristic devices, which some are saying could become the standard for personal audio listening in the future. These bone conductive audio devices use an improved variation on the technology used in hearing aids to offer a truly high fidelity audio experience. The real benefit in this kind of tool is that you can listen to music and still hear the world around you, making it both safer and more sociable than existing headphones. The BATBAND from Studio Banana Things is one of the best current examples of this tech; it was launched via Kickstarter in 2015 and is now available to buy for the public.

Have you spotted some cool music tech you’re excited about? Let us know via Facebook or Twitter.

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