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Our Pick of the Fringe


Our Pick of the Fringe

Tourists with bumbags, chainsaw jugglers, roaming a-cappella groups. Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival is here, and blu staff have been fighting off flyer dudes to bring you the best bits.

Daniel Sloss – 5/5

“From ranting about his new games console, to discussing his role as the black sheep of the family, Daniel Sloss was fantastic value from the moment he walked on stage. Although the act might hold more appeal to audiences in their 20s/30s, Sloss delivered a fantastic range that found its mark pretty much every time to a packed auditorium. He’s come far since his debut Fringe season, and it’s no surprise his profile and popularity are very much in the ascension.

Overall, a fantastic hour of comedy and well worth the time and money. If you can, check him out!” Review by Mike.

Official link
Venue Location: Venue150@EICC (Venue 150) ​
Dates: Aug 12-19, 21-24
Time: 20:30
Price: £14.50

Hot Dub Time Machine – 4/5

“Hot Dub Time Machine is one of the best nights out I’ve ever had. The night takes you from the 50s and all the way to the present, along with some cool visuals!

There wasn’t a song I didn’t like being played. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to party in a beautiful venue but with a bit of a cool festival twist!” Review by Fin.

Official Link:
Venue Location: Underbelly, Bristo Square (Venue 300)
Dates: Aug 14, 17, 20-22, 24
Time: 00:30
Price: £12.50

Craig Hill – 5/5

“Like most people who go to see an act again at the fringe, you always wonder “will they be as good as they were last year?”

I am happy to say Craig Hill did not disappoint. His unique Scottish “banter” was as sharp and quick witted as ever. As always, audience participation is a must with any Craig Hill show, and this one was no exception. And even when members of the audience went quiet, he still managed to make it funny, “we could be here awe night with this yin”.

One of the good things about a Craig Hill audience is the mix of people. Locals, tourists from all over the world. Within minutes, Craig develops a rapport with his audience and makes them feel part of the show. And unlike some comedians, he can be rude without being crude. With such a mixed audience and variety of topics covered, he never offended anyone.

How he manages to cram so much in is a mystery to me, and I have to say, one hour is not long enough to see this great Scottish Comedian.

The icing on the cake was the fact that the first person to leave the venue is Craig. Why? So he can stand outside and thank everybody in person for coming to his gig, and if possible, get a photo taken with his audience.

Sadly no photo this year as he was inundated with requests. But his parting comment to my wife and I was, “were you two hiding at the back? I couldn’t see you because of the lights”.

Yes Craig that was the plan, blend in and that way you are safe from the front row antics (lol).” Review by Steve.

Official Link:
Venue location: Underbelly, Bristo Square (Venue 300)
Dates: Aug 12-15, 17, 19-25
Time: 19:20
Price: £15.50

Abandoman – 5/5

“How to begin to describe Abandoman! This is a show like no other I’ve ever seen, thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. Abandoman are a three piece music group who create their show through improvised comedy rap… Yup, I’m not kidding. Every show is different as the songs and lyrics are made up on the spot, based on their chats with the audience (if you’re not up for being dragged into being part of the show – this is not one for you!).

This year’s theme finds the group fictionally tasked by P. Diddy to write him 3 amazing rap songs by the end of the show – or one of the group will be executed. The vibrant, manic Irish frontman then proceeds to get to know members of the audience to concoct the raps with emails and video messages from P. Diddy interjecting with increasing threats as the show progresses.

Our show involved a rap about Red French Salad Dressing and a finale paying homage to bearded men, with every fuzzy faced male in the audience finishing the show arm-in-arm on stage under a stream of confetti. This is not your typical fringe show, but a raucous laugh from start to finish.” Review by Jen.
Official Link:
Venue Location:
Underbelly, Bristo Square (Venue 300)
Aug 12-17, 19-25
Time: 21:10
Price: £14

Morgan & West – 4/5

“Morgan & West are a magical duo who confound their audiences not only with clever illusion but also with great comedy and characterisation.

The pair pose as time travelling magicians from Victorian times. Without giving too much away, their tricks are original and impressive and the show is well put together from beginning to end.

A good show for families, as they do a great job of mastering entertainment that is enjoyable – no matter your age. Highly recommended.” Review by Matt.
Official Link
Venue Location: Pleasance Dome (Venue 23)
Dates: Aug 12-25
Time: 19:00
Price: £12.00

David O’ Doherty – 4/5

“Armed with a Casio keyboard he bought for 20 euros off eBay, David O’ Doherty takes you on a musical journey through his hopes, beefs and fantasies.

There’s his quest for a pizza cutter (or “infinity knife”). Smuggling Toblerones through airport customs. And phone calls between the Queen and Pope.

Never stopping for breath, O’ Doherty slips from stand up to songs to improv, and you can’t help but go where his imagination takes him.

Relentless, surreal and infectiously funny, the show is like one of those pre-set keyboard tunes.” Review by Al.

Official Link
Venue Location: Assemble George Square (Venue 8)
Dates: Aug 13-25
Time: 19:15
Price: £14.00

Have you seen something better? Don’t be shy. Send us your Fringe reviews or shout outs. 

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