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Three Vapetastic Tips for a Spine-Chilling Halloween


Three Vapetastic Tips for a Spine-Chilling Halloween

Wherever you go this Halloween make sure you have an electronic cigarette. Not only are they a fantastic modern alternative to smoking but they double up as a stage prop for a number of excellent Halloween costumes. Going as a witch? Give your cauldron an authentic look with an eerie breath of vapour. Going as Doctor Who? Exit your Tardis with an impressive flourish.

Here are three exciting Halloween ideas that you can do with your blu UK e cig. Remember that electronic cigarettes are not just for vaping — they’re for cool Halloween stunts too.

Create a smoking pumpkin

The carved pumpkin is one of the most enduring symbols of Halloween. These versatile vegetables come in all shapes and sizes with all kinds of carvings, cuneiforms and crafty cuts across their surface. Apply a touch of theatre to your pumpkin grooming with a few puffs on your ecig — the blu UK Pro Kit™ will work best for this one as it produces the most vapour.

For best results, turn the lights off, light up a candle, put a blanket over your head and direct a few puffs through your pumpkin’s face. Make sure you don’t blow out the candle! Don’t worry if you do though: the LED on the end of your device can double up as a light source.

Turn up as Darth Vaper

Halloween Vaper Costumes

Obi Wan has taught you well. You have controlled your device. Now, release your vapour. Rock up to a Halloween bash as Darth Vaper and you’ll be the toast of The Mos Eisley Cantina’s annual Halloween party. This is a particularly good costume for a blu UK vaper (aka vaping Jedi) as our e cig kits really come into their own as props. We make our devices black and sleek, just like Vader’s iconic suit — and a good vapour cloud really adds a layer of menace. Don’t underestimate the power of the e cig. Luke, I am your battery.

Halloween flavours

What to vape this Halloween

What would Halloween be without a few wacky treats? From chocolate spiders to marzipan skulls, Halloween offers up all the ingredients for a spine-tingling root canal procedure. Avoid the naughty snacks and enjoy a sugar free flavour sensation with blu UK.

Start vaping with our innovative Pro Kit device and you can have access to a dazzling range of tastes and scents. Try a few puffs of Strawberry Mint E Liquid and transport yourself back to those magical days of enjoying ice creams along the seafront. Or why not have a blast on Cherry, a perfect accompaniment to Dracula’s blood drenched teeth. Muhahaha!

Make this Halloween one to remember by switching from traditional cigarettes to e cigs. blu UK offers a cost-effective alternative to smoking that will make this Halloween not only terrifying (in a fun way!) but also budget friendly.

Images by Scott McLeod, The Official Star Wars and stevendepolo, used under Creative Commons Licence.

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