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Top 10 man gadgets to look good


Top 10 man gadgets to look good

Looking for a gift for your hubby? Or do you fancy treating yourself to some grooming gadgets to look dapper in 2015? Well, here’s some vibrating tech you won’t have to hide away like Christian Grey.

1. The Clarisonic Plus

Long the staple of a woman’s beauty routine, the Clarisonic Plus electric face and body cleanser is now found by bottles of Brut across the country. Essentially an electric brush for your face, it’ll leave your chops all clean, soft and shiny.

2. The RazorPit

When’s it time to change razors? This problem has been nipping at faces of men for decades. Now the RazorPit will ease your nicks and your wallet. Like a holster, it sharpens the blade every time you put your razor away – saving you up to 90% on costly blades apparently.

3. The Laser Guided Trimmer

Any man who’s played cat-and-mouse with side burns will appreciate this piece of tech. The Philips laser guided trimmer is waterproof, easy-to-clean, has 17 length settings – and it’s got a laser, c’mon! Spirit level your face and trim your beard to a millimetre of perfection.

4. Digital Breath Tester

Before you go in for that first kiss, sneak out the Tanita HC-212. With a digital display, this pocket gadget rates your breath outta 6. The sensor measures ‘volatile sulphur compounds’. So, what’s the cut-off? 3? 4?

5. Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Don’t fancy the Turkish barber blazing-ears treatment? We don’t blame you. With ‘rotary trimmer’ technology, the Remington NE3450 trims away any date-ending nose and ear hairs – all fire free.

6. Teeth Whitener

Fancy that Hollywood smile? The Phillips Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush cleans and whitens your gnashers AT THE SAME TIME. Plus it removes up to 7x more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

7. Retro ‘Man Comb’

The most low-fi of our gadgets, and probably the best looking. The retro ‘man comb’ is a switch-blade style brush for your hair. It even has a bottle opener, so you can celebrate your great hair. Check it out at:

8. Ergonomic Nail Clippers

Don’t forget the fingernails! The Klhip Ultimate ergonomic nail clipper comes in surgical-grade stainless steel (of course). And a leather pouch that Ray Mears would be proud to tuck under his belt.

9. Electric Back Hair Shaver

If your other half isn’t loving the silverback look, check out Mangroomer’s ‘professional do-it-yourself electric back hair shaver’. We didn’t make this one up, honest. Go see at:

10. Samurai Umbrella

You don’t want wet hair, but you don’t want to carry an umbrella everywhere either. Now you can stalk around hands-free with the Samurai Umbrella, complete with crafted hilt and shoulder-mounted nylon scabbard. Maybe avoid the Tube with this one.

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