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Vape will score you 9 points in Scrabble


Vape will score you 9 points in Scrabble

Vape is one of 6,500 new words added to the latest version of Collins Official Scrabble Words. It’s the approved list that people turn to when playing the popular board game. Here are some more words to make it…

Tech talk

Vape is just one new technology inspired word on the list. You’ll also find hashtag, facetime and tweep. Smartphone focused words such as showrooming (comparing prices in-store on your mobile) and sexting (you know what that is) have also snuck in.

As you know, vape refers to the act of enjoying an e-cigarette and it’s slang for an e-cig too. Other slang terms to make the list include bezzy (your best mate), lotsa (lots of) and dench (excellent). US rappers favourite – shizzle – made it too.

If you think these ridic words are obvs just for the lolz, you’d have scored 30 Scrabble points from the three added words in this sentence. So shut your cakehole (17 points).

Twerking Scots

You can play with new words from recent society and culture too, such as devo (as in the recent Scottish devolution debate), twerking (the ass-shaking dance), onesie (sooo 2014) and podiumed (getting a medal in the Olympic Games).

Don’t shvitz it

If you like to dabble with Scrabble, high scoring new additions include cazh (casual) for 18 points, emoji (a digital icon) for 14 points and paczki (a round, filled doughnut) for 23 points.

New, foreign words score high too. Cinq (the number five) is actually 15 points, find a coqui (tree-dwelling frog) for 16 points and schvitz (sweat) for 24 points.

I lost, waah!

There are new onomatopoeic words too. (Remember from your school days, that’s words that sound like the thing they describe.) You can augh to express frustration and win 8 points. You can blech for 12 points. Grr in anger for a measly 4 points. And waah (10 points) if you lose.

Want to see what other, new words you can play with? Check out the Collins online Scrabble checker.

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