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Vaping – when’s good for you?


Vaping – when’s good for you?

Some moments are just better with an e-cig in your hand. Christenings, PT meetings and jury duty probably aren’t those times. So, what are?

That’s what we asked you guys in our recent e-cig survey. Here’s what 120 of you had to say.

Top times

In joint second place, with 21% of the vote, you guys picked “after some food” and “with a drink” as your favourite times to vape. Third place was also a tiebreak. “First thing in the morning” and “‘smoking’ breaks at work” both got 16%. So, “what came first” we hear you cry? Drumroll… “another time” with 27% of the vote.

Your favourite times to vape

This one had us a bit worried. We expected a few “afternoon delights” and such like in there. But true Brits that you are, you kept things clean and publishable. Here’s what some of you have to say.

“All the time” and “anytime in the day” kind of messages were popular. We also got “when I fancy one” (okay, easy). “In the evening”, “after work” and “just before bed” cropped up too.

It takes all types

So what happens when you look at different vapers? You guys who’ve switched couldn’t choose between vaping after some food and with a drink as best times. And why should you?! Those of you who use cigarettes AND e-cigs prefer “smoking” breaks at work. Surprisingly, you occasional vapers picked work breaks too. We thought “going out” would be your favourite time, you rascals.

Time for a tank or an e-cig?

So, does it matter whether you’re holding an e-cig or a tank? Well, “after some food” was the top answer from cig-a-like users. Tank owners picked “with a drink” and “first thing in the morning” as their favourites (hopefully that ain’t the same time!). You guys that enjoy e-cigs AND tanks picked “smoking” breaks at work. Fair dues.

Go long!

E-cig newbies (in their first six months of vaping) picked “smoking” breaks at work as their favourite time. 1-2 year vapers like to puff with a drink best. 2-3 year veterans prefer a toot after some food.

When it comes to age, 18-24 year olds like a morning vape. 25-34 and 45-54 year olds appreciate their “smoking” breaks at work. Folk aged 35-44 and 55-64 prefer a puff with a drink. And 65 plus people love to vape after some food. Civilised bunch you are.

Lastly, are males and females any different? Well, men like it after some food (25%). Women with a drink (23%). Go figure.

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