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Weird and Wonderful Edible Inventions


Weird and Wonderful Edible Inventions

Self-proclaimed ‘edible inventor’ Charlie Harry Francis has created a ‘micro mist orb’ which is designed to give users a calorie–free sweet sensation. The super futuristic orb produces a mist which party guests can sip at using straws. The inventor claims that he can create personalised mist flavours from “pretty much everything in the world”, reports the Metro, including customers’ favourite books or even their own hair! The flavour maestro began his career working on weird and wonderful flavours of ice cream – already lurking in the home in an unnamed A-list celebrity customer is a batch of his “arousal ice cream”, coated in Viagra and flavoured with champagne. You can’t deny the creativity and this mist orb sounds like the king of all party talking points, but we think we’ll stick to our blu eCigs thanks… What flavour or ‘enhancing’ combos would you go for?

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