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Why vapers are more attractive than smokers


Why vapers are more attractive than smokers

Autumn’s here and we’ve been digging out our thick jumpers, beanies and mittens. And they’re all cigarette-smell free, of course. That’s because we only vape blu™ e-cigs here, thank you very much.

Our super fresh woollens got us thinking about the other benefits e-cigs have over cigarettes. And, as vain as it sounds, why vapers might just be better looking that smokers. Let’s see why…

Mint clothes

It’s not just our woollens that are safer with e-cigs. Because e-cigs don’t burn tobacco, you won’t get any ash marks on your crisp white T shirts. Or worse still, burns from drive-by cigarette butts. Holey jumpers ain’t a good look.

Face facts

Wrinkles can be cool. Just ask Clint Eastwood, Luke Perry or Helen Mirren. But you don’t want wrinkles before your time. That’s what happens to smokers. Squinting from the heat of cigs, and to keep smoke out their eyes, causes crow’s feet. Smokers are three times more likely to get these lines early.

Tobacco smoke dries out skin too. That’s why smokers sometimes have a greyish appearance. Like ghosts from a horror film, you’ll catch them staring at you through the pub window as you enjoy your e-cig indoors.

Oh, and did we mention, cold weather dries out your skin too. Another good reason to enjoy e-cigs in the warm indoors of your local. By the fire, with a toasty glass of mulled wine, chatting up a vaper.

Great hair

Braving the elements for a cigarette break is bad news for your hair too. Not only do you get frizzy hair from the rain, but tobacco smoke clings to your barnet and makes it smell of cigarettes. Nasty.

And what about your chops? When you smoke, your breath doesn’t just smell of cigarettes. No sir. Tobacco smoke can cause halitosis (bad breath) and stain your teeth yellow. That ain’t great news for that peck on the cheek on the front porch.

blu beats yellow

Smoke cigarettes long enough and you’ll notice your fingers and nails take on a yellow tinge. And we’re probably biased, but we reckon our blue LED tipped e-cigs look a lot cooler than traditional cigarettes. You can find out more about Nobel-prize winning blue LED technology here.

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