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Word Up Vapers – ‘e-cig’ Added to Oxford Dictionary


Word Up Vapers – ‘e-cig’ Added to Oxford Dictionary

Next time someone asks you, “what’s vaping?”, you can tell them to look it up in the dictionary.

The Oxford Dictionary has just added “e-cig” and “vape” to its online listings. Its researchers say the use of “vape” and “e-cig” has increased ten times in the past two years. They say, “The trend of e-cigarettes has created a sort of vocabulary around it.”

Oxford Dictionary editors analyse over 150 million English words used online, in newspapers and other media, to pick which words they add. It says the way we consume and talk about news and entertainment is changing the English language – and its dictionary.

So, if you’d read a “listicle” about the best TV shows to watch, “binge-watched” Breaking Bad then “live-tweeted” during the finale, you might have helped add new words to the dictionary.

Oxford Dictionary boffins use a special language monitoring programme to track what people say across all media. Their gizmo showed them that “side boob” is said ten times more in the UK than the US, while “adorbs” is four times more loved in the States.

Other additions to the Oxford Dictionary online are: air punch, Bank of Mum and Dad, bro-hug, cotch, humblebrag, time-poor, Paleo diet, YOLO, neckbeard, side-eye, tech-savvy and cray. Unsure what any of these mean? Look ‘em up on the Oxford Dictionary online.

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