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Introducing myblu Fresh Menthol

Introducing myblu Fresh Menthol

Introducing myblu™ Fresh Menthol liquidpods, the latest addition to our range of menthol vape flavours. We’ve launched a completely new flavour for our myblu™ vape pens – and it’s just in time for the menthol cigarette ban!

Available in 9mg/ml nicotine strength, our new Fresh Menthol pods are made using nicotine salts for a more enjoyable vaping experience. The new flavour joins Menthol, Intense Menthol, Blue Ice and Intense Strawberry Mint as part of blu’s mint-flavoured lineup.

From 20th May, menthol cigarettes are to be banned in the UK as a result of new legislation. For menthol cigarette smokers, the products they usually buy will disappear from shelves – but for vapers, nothing will change as e-liquids and liquidpods are not included in the scope of the ban.

You can find more information on the menthol ban here.

myblu™ Fresh Menthol liquidpods will be available online at with a price of £5.99 for a pack of 2 liquidpods.

Blu brand planning manager Pete Blackman said: “We’re delighted to launch myblu™ Fresh Menthol liquidpods online. Our menthol-flavoured e-liquids and liquidpods are among our most popular products on, so we can’t wait to see how our customers react to the latest addition to the myblu™ range. With the menthol cigarette ban coming, now is an important time for menthol flavours generally.”

You can shop our new Fresh Menthol 9mg/ml liquidpods here or browse our entire collection of myblu™ liquidpods – including our other menthol flavours – by clicking here.