blu PLUS+™ And blu GO™ Disposables Announcement

20 April 2017

blu PLUS+™ And blu GO™ Disposables Announcement

Categories: PLUS+™, GO™ Disposables

Due to the introduction of the new EUTPD regulations on e-cigarettes, we will stop selling the current blu PLUS+™ and blu GO™ Disposables on 20 May 2017. Therefore, blu PLUS+™ and blu GO™ Disposable ranges will be unavailable on our site after such date.

While blu GO™ Disposable will not be back online shortly, we are working to have the new blu PLUS+ collection back online in June.

We understand that this may put you out for a few weeks, so to help out we’re offering 50% off the entire blu PLUS+™ range, including e-cigarettes and refills, as well as 50% off all of our blu GO™ Disposables. This offer will only be available until Friday 19th May and once e-cigs and e-liquid are gone, they’re gone for good, so make sure to grab yours now before they run out!

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