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blu eCigs: The Arrival


blu eCigs: The Arrival

Welcome to blu eCigs!

First off let’s get one thing straight, we loved SKYCIG and we hope you did too. But it was time for a change – we’re a bit like Sandy in Grease when she ditched the cardigan and donned a leather jacket; the same Sandy but with more attitude!

blu is going to push boundaries, shake trees and generally break the mould. There are some obvious differences with the new gear. Perhaps among the most obvious is the colour. Sleek black casing with a blue LED tip, no one will be mistaking your blu for a tobacco cigarette any time soon – we’re proud to be something different right?

blu stands for everything we want to give to our customers; something modern, different, stylish and fun. Something which offers freedom and the possibility of doing what you want when you want to. The product might look a little different but it’s still got the substance inside to back up the stylish exterior. Our flavours are the same too, everyone seemed to like them so if it aint broke…

We know you’ve got questions, we’ve had a few already, so we put together this page to help answer as many as possible.

Or, to really get a feel for blu eCigs and how to use the product, take a look at our ‘How To’ videos.

We hope that you love the new look and product as much as we do – it’d be great to hear your thoughts, so feel free to get in touch or comment below.

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