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How to Save Thousands of Pounds with E-cigs


How to Save Thousands of Pounds with E-cigs

If you’re thinking of switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes, you might be keen to know how much money you’ll save. Let’s take a look.

The puff testing machine

First things first, puffs. To test how many puffs you get for a traditional cigarette and an e-cigarette, we use our own “puff tester” machine. The machine takes two-second puffs and 30-second pauses between puffs. We use it to test cigarettes and e-cigs.

“I puff longer than two seconds!” Okay, easy. Truth is, everyone’s different. You might mix up short and long puffs. And you might take different size puffs to the guy next to you. These affect how many puffs you take on a cigarette or e-cig, and how long they’ll last. We found two-second puffs with a 30-second pause between puffs to be the average with smokers. It’s what our competitors base their puff readings on too.


Cigs vs. e-cigs

You get around 300 puffs from one of our blu cartridge refills. One charge of a blu Battery also lasts around 300 puffs. So e-cigs with a Starter Kit and Premium Kit last 300 puffs before you’d have to change cartridges or charge batteries.

Let’s compare with cigarettes. One cigarette lasts an average ten puffs. One blu Cartridge Refill (£1.99) is the equivalent of smoking 30 cigarettes (around £12). So, that’s an average saving of over £10 per 300 puffs.*

Still with us? Good stuff. The average adult smoker in the UK smokes 13 cigarettes a day.** Fast forward a year and that adds up to £1,850. The e-cig equivalent per puffs is £332.16. So on average, you’d save £1,518 a year with blu eCigs® electronic cigarettes.


It gets even better…

That makes blu e-cigs over 82% cheaper than traditional cigs. Not Carol Vorderman? No worries, you can see how we worked out these percentages on our Costs Savings page.

But it gets even better. If you vape on a blu Pro Kit and blu E-Liquids, you get even more value for money. On average, a Pro Kit’s 92% cheaper to use than smoking cigarettes. Here’s how.

We’re still not finished. Because we run promotions like our multi-buy discounts and the blu Coins rewards programme, you’ll save even more with blu e-cigs.

Find out more about blu Coins >

*We worked this out from the cost of a pack of 20 traditional cigarettes in the UK (£7.71), which is based on the 25 top-selling brands as published on in April 2014. Our averages don’t take into account extras like cigarette taxes, lighters or ash trays. Or the cost of blu batteries and clearomisers.

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