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3 Ways to Get Your Next E-cig for Free


3 Ways to Get Your Next E-cig for Free

It’s great to get free stuff. But it’s even better when you’ve earned it. That’s what our rewards scheme – blu Coins – is all about. We give you blu Coins for your loyalty. And you can spend them on our website – saving money every time you do. Here are our top three ways to earn more blu Coins.

1 – Buy from
Yup, this one’s pretty easy. Every time you buy something from us online, you get blu Coins. So if you buy blu e-cigarette products in store, you might want to shop online from time to time. You’ll find great stuff on that you can’t buy in store. See what’s different.

2 – Refer a friend    

Every time you refer a friend to blu eCigs, you get 500 blu Coins. So if you get five people to buy from you’d have enough coins for a bottle of e-liquid. Sweet. (And between us, they don’t even have to be friends. They could be family, work buddies, casual acquaintances. Any adult smoker you reckon will enjoy blu as much as you.) See how easy it is to refer a friend.

3 – Tell us what you think
Give us five minutes of your time and we’ll give you 500 blu Coins. Sound good? It’s our way of thanking customers who take our quick survey. You get it in an email when you create an account with us. Already signed up? Search your inbox for a blu Coins bounty. And help us make our already high quality products even better.

If you’ve bought anything on our website, you’ll already have blu Coins to spend. You can see how many you’ve got in My Account. If you want to use them, just shop online as normal and select how many blu Coins you want to spend from your Shopping Basket. Easy.
Find out more about blu Coins > 

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