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4 Top Tips to Look After Your E-cig


4 Top Tips to Look After Your E-cig

From time to time, it’s a good idea to give your e-cig a little TLC. Whether it’s a quick clean down or storing it right, here are some easy ways to improve the performance and lifetime of your e-cig.

1 – Cotton buds are your battery’s best friend

With both the larger Pro Kit battery and the smaller Starter/Premium Kit battery, it’s a good idea to use a cotton bud to give it a clean. Occasionally debris or a little e-liquid can gather at the metal point where the clearomiser or cartridge connects with the battery. Take your dry cotton bud and twist it around in the socket – giving all sides a good wipe down. This will help you get the best possible connection. And a good connection means better vapour.

2 – Clean out your clearomiser
If you’re carrying your Pro Kit tank around in your pocket or bag, it can be easy for the mouthpiece to get a little dirty. To clean it, wait until you have an empty tank. First, unscrew your clearomiser from the battery, ensuring the base stays on and the e-liquid remains inside. Next, unscrew the base of the clearomiser with the mouthpiece facing the floor (as if you were about to fill it). Place the base, with the vapouriser on its side, onto a folded paper towel.

Then, wearing rubber gloves, run warm water through the clearomiser from the top and bottom. Take a cotton bud (or twist a piece of paper towel into a thin stalk) and push it through the mouthpiece, all the way through the vapour chamber to the other side. Give this a good twist around and touch all sides. Repeat the process for the actual tank section that holds the e-liquid.

For a quick clean, you can leave it there and allow the clearomiser top to air dry for a couple of hours. Just make sure it’s completely dry before refilling and reattaching the base.

For a deeper clean
, you can soak the clearomiser top (just the top plastic section, not the metal base). Just fill a glass with warm water and add a couple drops of washing-up liquid. Drop the clearomiser top in the solution and allow to soak for at least an hour. After that, rinse through the clearomiser thoroughly so that no soap remains inside. As described above, let the clearomiser dry out before refilling and using.


3 – Keep it in the case
If you use a Premium or Starter Kit, you have the advantage of a case to hold your batteries and cartridges. Between uses, remember to place your blu e-cig back in the case with the mouthpiece facing up. As well as keeping everything together, your case helps protect your blu from knocks and bumps, dirt and debris. If you’re carrying the case in your pocket, try to keep it upright with the cartridges facing up (or at least on their side). That way, the wick in the vapouriser remains coated in e-liquid – and keeps producing consistent vapour.

4 – Think liquid
Whether you use the classic cig-style blu or our new Pro Kit tank, for your electronic cigarette to work at its best, try to ensure the wick in the atomiser is coated in e-liquid at all times. To do that:

Avoid taking really long draws – draws of more than three or four seconds can dry out the wick and leave a dry or burnt taste – especially if your liquid level is low in your tank or cartridge.

Give it a shake
– if you haven’t used your e-cig for a while, giving it a quick shake to redistribute the e-liquid and coat your wick.

Store your e-cig the right way up – let gravity work for you. The vapouriser is in the bottom of both the tank and cartridge, so storing your e-cig the right way up ensures e-liquid always sinks to the bottom.


With Pro Kits, if you always use the same flavour, try topping up your tank before it’s empty to avoid drying out the wick.

So there we have it, four ways that you can make sure you get the best out of your blu e-cig. Do you have any care and maintenance tips you want to share?

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