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5 things you always wanted to know about e-cigs but were afraid to ask


5 things you always wanted to know about e-cigs but were afraid to ask

You know that old saying, “the only silly question is the one you don’t ask”. Well, it’s especially true with e-cigarettes.

The world of e-cigs can be scary for newcomers. That’s why we’ve put together these answers to popular questions. Don’t be shy, take a look.

Does anything burn with e-cigs?

Nope. Your lighter will just be for show if you choose e-cigs, because nothing actually burns. E-cigarettes are powered by lithium batteries. When you take a puff on an e-cig, a sensor in the battery detects the airflow and heats up the e-liquid that contains nicotine. As this liquid heats, it mixes with air to create the vapour, or mist, you inhale. If you use an e-cig ‘tank’, you activate the battery manually by pushing a button.

Do you get the same hit as a cigarette?

E-cigs come in a range of nicotine strengths. Take our cig-a-like e-cigarettes for our Starter Kit and Premium Kit. They come in 0, 6, 12 and 18mg nicotine strengths. So, you just match up the nicotine strength of your cigarette with your e-cig, yeah? Not quite.

Even though vapour and smoke feel similar when you smoke/vape, the way the body absorbs the two is different. So finding the right nicotine strength is not as easy as making a like-for-like swap. You should explore different e-cig strengths to find the right one for you.

You’ll also get that “throat hit” smokers enjoy with cigarettes. With blu E-Liquids for e-cig tanks, we use the highest grade propylene glycol (PG) available. PG is what gives you that smoking sensation.

Do e-cigs contain tobacco?

E-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco. So you don’t get tobacco smoke, smell or stains. There’s no tar either. You can choose from tobacco flavoured e-cigs however. Many smokers switching to e-cigs prefer that authentic tobacco taste. That’s why blu makes three tobacco flavours – Classic Tobacco, Rich Tobacco and Tobacco Gold. They’ve won awards and everything.

How long do e-cigs last?

It depends what type of smoker you are, but you typically get around 300 puffs from one flavour cartridge used with a cig-a-like – like our Starter and Premium Kit e-cigarettes. Our kit cases let you hold onto spares if you run out. The batteries for our cig-a-like e-cigs last around 300 puffs before you’ll need to charge them. If you’ve got a Premium Kit, the case charges a spare battery for you.

If you go for an e-cig tank, the battery will last longer than a cig-a-like e-cigarette. And you’ll have to top up with flavour less often. Take our Pro Kit e-cig tank. You get around 1,500 puffs per e-liquid bottle. And its larger battery lasts about 1,200 puffs before you’ll have to recharge it. You can read more about puff counts and battery lifetimes here.

Will e-cigs cost me loads of money in extras?

Okay, so we’ve already covered flavours. Just like any electrical device, e-cig batteries don’t last forever. For our cig-a-like e-cigarettes, your battery will last 250-300 charge cycles – or 2-4 months. Again, it depends what type of smoker you are.

E-cig tank batteries last longer but you’ll still need to replace them. We recommend you replace a Pro Kit battery every 6-8 months to get the best vape possible. You’ll have to replace the clearomiser too. That’s the tank bit you fill with e-liquid. You should replace it every 10 fills – or if you get a burnt taste.

So, you do have to buy extras with e-cigarettes. But you’ll still save money by choosing e-cigs over cigarettes. Want to know how much? Try our Savings Calculator.

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