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6 Facts About E-cigarettes


6 Facts About E-cigarettes

E-cigarettes have been in the news a lot recently. Given the interest, we thought we’d put together 6 facts that you might find surprising about them. Here we go!

Nothing actually burns
Your lighter and matches are a thing of the past because there’s nothing to light! E-cigarettes run on a lithium battery. When you puff on your e-cig the battery heats the liquid. You inhale the vapourised liquid.  It’s vaping, not smoking.

With e-cigarette vapour there’s no tobacco smoke
E-cigarette liquid contains nicotine, propylene glycol and additives/flavourings and this is heated up to form the vapour which is inhaled. In a traditional cigarette, tobacco smoke is produced by burning dried tobacco, so the inhaled substance is really very different with each product.

E-cigs contain liquid nicotine
E-cigarettes are smoke-free but they aren’t nicotine-free. The liquid blu™ e-cig is a combination of nicotine, flavourings and propylene glycol.
They’re reusable (with a little maintenance)

E-cigarette devices are battery-powered, and as long as you remember to keep the battery charged they’re reusable (with the exception of one-use disposables). It’s not only the rechargeable battery that makes these devices reusable; you can also buy refillable e-cigs. The liquid in the cartridges can be refilled by inserting a new cartridge.

Vaping is allowed in some smoke-free places

Regulations do vary, but e-cig vapour is frequently allowed in places where tobacco smoke isn’t.  A lot of clubs are comfortable with people vaping. Always worth a check before you start though.

They were first patented in 1963
A “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” was patented way back in 1963 by Herbert A. Gilbert. His system drew moistened air through a heating element, which is essentially how e-cigs work today.


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