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Can I Vape in a Hotel Room?


Can I Vape in a Hotel Room?

Holidays are a time to relax and unwind. But before you raid the mini bar and chill out with your blu® e-cigarette you’ll want to check the vaping policy of the hotel you’re staying at.

While you may think e-cigs are exempt from hotel anti-smoking policies, they might not be. We’ve heard rumours of e-cigs setting off smoke alarms in hotels. Then again, you could be staying at a vape-friendly hotel — the iconic Savoy Hotel in London has a smoking floor where you’re allowed to vape in the rooms.

How to find out whether you are allowed to vape your e-cig?

The best way to find out if you’re allowed to smoke e-cigarettes where you’re staying is to call them and ask before you book. And to be on the safe side, once you arrive, just double-check at the front desk that it’s still OK. If you can use your blu e-cig at your hotel the advice below will help you avoid any unnecessary hassle while you’re away.

1. Keep it clean

One of the best things about blu is that they’re easy to use and generally fuss-free. But if you’re using e-liquids with your blu clearomiser make sure you’re tidy — the maid won’t want to have to clean up e-liquid from your bedding or the carpet. And if it’s really bad you might get charged for damages.

2. Think about popping outside

If you don’t mind smoking outside, especially if the weather is nice, consider popping outdoors to vape. This way you’ll prevent all cause for alarm if an unknowing hotel guest mistakes your vapour for smoke.

3. Stay away from smoke detectors

It’s pretty unusual but vaping can set off certain smoke alarms. Don’t vape directly below a smoke detector: one large exhale, blown directly into an optical smoke alarm, can momentarily block the beams of light inside the chamber, which will set it off.

4. Be polite

If the hotel gets complaints, or stops you from vaping at their establishment, you need to follow their rules. It’s not worth getting wound up or being kicked out over it.

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