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Disposable vs. Rechargeable: Which E-cigarette Should I Buy?


Disposable vs. Rechargeable: Which E-cigarette Should I Buy?

You know you want an e-cigarette but it turns out there are two different types to consider – disposable and rechargeable. So which one should you buy?

By thinking about why you are making the purchase you should be able to work out which one is right for you. After all, this is not quantum physics – you are essentially choosing between paying more upfront for a product that will save you money in the long run or paying quite a bit less for the initial e-cigarette. For a full breakdown of pricing – and savings – check out our comparison of blu e-cig kits with the disposable equivalent and conventional tobacco. 

To be clear, when referring to a disposable e-cigarette, we mean a product that you will throw away after the e-liquid has run out, whereas with a rechargeable e-cig the e-liquid cartridge can be replaced and the battery charged to allow for long-term use.

The key question at stake here is: why are you buying an e-cigarette?

Dipping your toes…

If you just want to try out ‘these things called e-cigarettes’ then the disposable is a more sensible choice, as you are not opening yourself up to spending as much money on something you are not sure about. It’s like going to a taster session before signing up to a course; there is no harm in spending £7 on a square dancing lesson to see if you like it but the price of a whole course may sting a bit more if you are not sure about how rhythmically you can shake your hips…

Finding your flavour…

There are many smokers out there who have tried a few e-cigs and are still trying to find the one they like the most before committing to a brand – again, picking up the disposable makes sense. The only temptation to go with the rechargeable is if you want to try more flavours, as there are more cartridge flavours available than in the disposable range.

Another point to make is that – in the blu range at least – the disposable is slightly larger than the rechargeable, so if it is the feel of the device that you are looking into, then do bear in mind that the rechargeable will feel more like a conventional cigarette than the disposable.

Saving money…

This is a big one: one of the key reasons why people will often buy e-cigarettes is because they know how much money they can save. An important point to note is that people will save a lot more by using a rechargeable e-cig – in fact, around double the savings can be made in comparison to the disposable.

Needing an e-cig for a night out/holiday…

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned vaper or a newbie, if you are about to go on a big night out or a weekend away with your friends where you may have a drink or two, then go disposable. The last thing you want to do is be at a festival or some other event, lose your e-cig and then have to go without for the rest of the trip. Instead, think about taking a few disposables.

Of course, a more relaxed holiday where you can keep charging up your device will be ideal conditions for a rechargeable e-cig. You can bring plenty of cartridges and try different flavours over the course of the trip if you want.

Embracing the e-cigarette lifestyle…

If you are convinced by the e-cigarette lifestyle and want to be a card-carrying vaper for the long term, then there is really only one choice for you: go rechargeable. You will save more money and have more variety. You can always pick up a disposable for a night out or something similar, but your product of choice should be a plug-in.

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