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Everything You Need To Know About Your E-Cig’s Rechargeable Lithium Battery


Everything You Need To Know About Your E-Cig’s Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Great news, it’s finally the future! Okay, there are no hover-boards yet but everyone is puffing on advanced electronic cigarettes made from metal. Cool!

But don’t change your name by deedpoll to X-78 and buy a silver jumpsuit just yet — we still have some way to go until human beings reach our technological nirvana.

Take batteries, for instance, which regrettably still require some gentle maintenance. Luckily at blu UK we employ smart technology in each of our stylish products to ensure you experience the minimum of fuss.

Whichever kit you choose from blu UK you’ll benefit from rechargeable lithium batteries that can be charged hundreds of times before they wear out.

blu™ Battery

What's inside an e-cig?

Purchase a blu™ Starter Kit or blu™ Premium Kit and you’ll receive a sleek black battery with a blue LED that lights up every time you take a draw. These hardy little batteries will last you between 250 and 300 charge cycles (or around two to four months). They take approximately two hours to charge, and if you have the Premium Kit’s handy charging case, you’ll barely notice the time passing.

blu™ Pro Battery

Look inside a Pro Kit

Pro Kit users have a choice of two batteries for their more powerful kits. A 650mAh (70mm) Pro Battery which has an average charge time of 2.5 hours and roughly 900 puffs between charges. And a bigger 950mAh (90mm) Pro Battery with a three hour charge time and a whopping 1,200 puffs between charges.

Both of these batteries use our ‘safe-charge’ technology. We made the thread of our Pro Kit batteries so they only fit the safe-charge USB charger that comes with your kit. This way, you get just the right voltage to charge your Pro Kit quickly and safely.

Prolong the life of your blu Battery

Vaping provides you with the chance to save some money and although you’ll need to replace bits of your electronic cigarette from time to time you don’t want to be buying a new battery every week. Here are a few tips you can follow to get the most out of the little blighter.

– Always use your case or battery until completely drained before charging and ensure that charging is complete before you disconnect the case or battery.

– Try not to leave a case or battery charging for long periods of time. With a blu UK™ charging case you can store a fully charged battery in slot 4.

– Do not half use a battery and then replace it in the charging slot before it’s fully drained.


At blu UK we’ve teamed up with SWR Waste Managements to recycle our products. SWR reprocess and reuse the materials in our products so there’s no need for messy landfill schemes. With the blucycle scheme, you can turn your old blu products into something new. Plus, you’ll get that warm fuzzy glow that comes with doing your bit to help the planet.

Traditional cigarettes are so passé. Charge up your e-cig battery and join the vaping revolution!

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