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Filler or twister? What kind of vaper are you?


Filler or twister? What kind of vaper are you?

One of the big advantages of switching to e-cigarettes is the variety of flavours you’ve got to enjoy. But whether you favour fruit or tobacco, you’ll need to fill up when you run out. There are two ways to do it, and two types of e-cigarette to choose from.

1) Cigarette-shaped e-cigs (or ‘cig-a-likes’) like you get with a blu Pro and Premium Kit. These come with cartridges that hold the flavoured e-liquid. You twist these onto a battery.
2) Fillable devices like the blu Pro Kit that you fill with e-liquid yourself.

So, are you a filler or a twister?

Prefilled or fill yourself?

Prefilled e-cigs

With cig-a-like e-cigarettes, you replace the prefilled flavour cartridges when they run out. You may have heard these called cartridge refills (or carts), tips or caps. Prefilled cartridges are popular because:

– They are easy to attach to your e-cig
– You don’t have to mess about with e-liquid
– When attached to an e-cig, they look like and feel like you’re holding a cigarette

An e-cigarette cartridge is prefilled with liquid. A piece of cloth within the cartridge holds the liquid. Inside the cloth, there is a wick and coil. Together, they act as the vaporiser or heating element.

The wick soaks up e-liquid from the cloth. At the same time, a coil within the wick heats the liquid into vapour. A heat resistant tube prevents the e-cig from warming up.

When you puff on a blu e-cigarette, a motion sensor in the battery detects the air flow. This activates the vaporiser inside the e-cigarette cartridge. As the liquid heats, it mixes with the air to create vapour.Look inside an e-cigFill yourself e-cigs

Fill yourself e-cigs – or vaporisers – have lots of names too. You’ll hear the bit you fill with e-liquid called a clearomiser, tank and atomiser. Vaporisers are popular because:

– You have more choice of flavours (blu and other e-cig brands)
– They attach to larger batteries that last longer than cig-a-like batteries
– These batteries produce more vapour and flavour than cig-a-likes

Unlike the cartridge refills for rechargeable cigarettes, you fill the clearomiser with e-liquid yourself. There’s no cloth in a clearomiser; it’s a clear tank that holds the e-liquid. The wick and coil run through the clearomiser. The wick soaks up the e-liquid and the coil heats it into vapour.

Filler or twister?

So, what type of vaper are you? Smokers new to e-cigarettes usually prefer rechargeable cig-a-like e-cigs. They feel like you’re holding a cigarette, and stay in the mouth, so they tick that habitual box. Plus, they’re more mobile and discreet than larger vaporisers. If that sounds like you; you’re a twister.

Many vapers move onto vaporisers from cig-a-likes. That’s because they offer a more realistic smoking experience and the throat hit smokers love. The larger, more powerful battery creates more vapour and lasts longer too. If that sounds like what you’re after, then you’re a filler.

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