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Five Myths About E-Cigs Debunked


Five Myths About E-Cigs Debunked

There’s something about e cigs that make them inherently newsworthy. The e cigarette has been scrutinised and celebrated equally in an ever unfolding story played out by the media and on the internet. This massive exposure has created a fair few myths surrounding the humble e cigarette.

All this attention comes as no surprise considering the seismic shift from smoking traditional cigarettes to e cigs that has been taking place for the last decade. Here are a few myths that we feel need a good old-fashioned debunking.

Myth 1: E Liquid contains anti-freeze

Whoever dreamed up this horror story has been utterly misinformed. One of the key ingredients of modern e liquids is propylene glycol — a clear, colourless non-corrosive liquid with very low toxicity. The same chemical is sometimes used in anti-freeze to make it LESS harmful if swallowed. Believe it or not, many of the foods we eat everyday also share this common ingredient. Propylene glycol gives margarine its velvety texture, prevents ice crystals from ruining ice cream and helps coffee beans absorb different flavours in the roasting process. We even feed it to little Blossom at dinner time (it is sometimes used to keep pet food crunchy).

Myth 2: Vaping is a gateway to traditional cigarettes

E-cig myths reveaved

First of all, it’s illegal in the United Kingdom to sell e cigs, e liquid or accessories to anybody under the age of 18. The industry is built around encouraging smokers to switch from traditional cigarettes and take up vaping. Actually, the exact opposite of this myth is true: traditional cigarettes are a gateway into e cigs.

Myth 3: E cigarettes taste bad

E cigarettes come in many flavours and strengths and if you’ve heard that they taste bad then that’s coming from someone who simply hasn’t found their flavour.  Whether you like the rich flavour of tobacco or fruity e liquids like Cherry and Strawberry Mint, blu UK has a whole range of tastes to get you going. We even have an energy drink flavour NRG that has proved to be one of our most popular. It’s delicious!

Myth 4: E cigarettes explode

Vaping and e-cigs: the truth

Millions of people in the United Kingdom have switched from traditional cigarettes to e cigarettes and the number of documented e cig explosions is miniscule. Problems that have come up are usually connected to bootlegged products that have come from dodgy manufacturers. The lithium ion batteries used in blu UK products are similar to those used in mobile phones. We put each part of our devices through extensive quality testing before our e cigs ever reach your lips.

Myth 5: Vaping looks weird

So that haggard beerhound at the pub says you look funny with an electronic cigarette hanging out your mouth. What do they know? In the floating sky bars of the future electronic cigarettes will be perfectly acceptable. Grab yourself one of our stylish blu UK Pro Kits and embrace the revolution.

And finally, the rumours you may have heard about Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver being an e cig are sadly false. Happy vaping!

Images by Wonderlane, trialsanderrors and abbasj812 used under Creative Commons Licence.

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