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Guidelines for Travelling with E-Cigs


Guidelines for Travelling with E-Cigs

Your flights are booked, accommodation paid for and you’re looking forward to a fabulous holiday abroad. The only problem is you don’t know whether you can bring your blu UK electronic cigarette™ with you — and what’s the deal with puffing it at the airport?

The good news is that your e cig won’t be confiscated if you follow a few simple steps. The bad news is, current safety regulations make it unlikely that you’ll get to puff on your device in the airport or on the plane. Note that some airports and/or airlines may have particularly stringent regulations and that current laws could change at any time. The following guide should only be used as a starting point.

Going through security with e-cigs

Carrying e cigs through security at UK airports is fine as long as you’re acting in line with current rules about what you are permitted to take with you. If you have a blu UK Pro Kit™ you should separate the battery from the clearomiser and put it with your other battery operated objects (i.e. phone, laptop, etc.)

Travelling with e-liquid

E-cigs and aiports

Your clearomiser is likely to contain e-liquid, which makes it essential to put it in a zip lock bag along with any other liquids you may be carrying. Remember, you can’t carry more than 100 ml of liquid in your hand luggage, so don’t go buying large stocks of e-liquid or you’ll lose it.

Bear in mind that most UK airports and international airports treat vaping just like smoking cigarettes (even though they’re very different!). If you’re travelling from Heathrow Airport, however, you’re in luck. The airport is ahead of the curve with its own dedicated vaping area — a bar, in fact! — once you pass through customs.

Take a Disposable, Starter Kit or Premium Kit

One way to avoid having e-liquid confiscated is to take a blu Starter Kit™, Premium Kit or Disposable on holiday with you. These devices don’t require you to carry large bottles of e-liquid around with you and each blu UK Cartridge Refill™ offers around 300 puffs.

No e-cigs in your checked Luggage

When you’re travelling with an e cig, never leave it in your checked luggage. This is crucial. E-cigarettes have recently been banned from hold luggage for safety reasons.

Using e-cigarettes on an aircraft

Under existing rules, e cigs are classed as personal devices like laptops and mobile phones — so taking them on the plane is fine. Unfortunately, there are no airlines that allow you to actually use your e-cig on the plane. Neither are you allowed to charge your device. If you’re unsure or want more information, the best thing to do is contact your airline. Keep your e-cig in the bag and you’ll be fine!

Check current laws before you travel

Get your e-cig through the airport

Taking e cigs on a plane is still something of a grey area. The rules and regulations are changing all the time and can differ depending on the country you are in. Singapore, for instance, is set to implement a total e cigarette ban, while in Qatar it’s illegal to import them. To make sure you don’t have any problems, contact your airline for more information.

In the meantime, however, savour all the different flavours you can enjoy with an e cigarette before you travel. Oh, and don’t forget your passport!

Images by @heyeased, Lauren Manning and kudumomo used under Creative Commons Licence.

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