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How do e-cig batteries work?


How do e-cig batteries work?

Ever wondered how an e-cig battery works? And how to get the most from them? Let’s take a look.

Every time you take a draw on a blu™ e-cig, you activate the lithium battery which lights up your blue LED tip. The battery heats up the e-liquid to produce the vapour you inhale.

Look and feel

We gave our batteries a smooth, black matt finish. Black doesn’t just look good. It stands out from traditional cigarettes – which is pretty handy if you’re vaping indoors.

Our blu batteries (for the Starter and Premium Kits) are cigarette-sized and about the same weight. That’s because smokers like the feel of a cig. We made our Pro Kit batteries for performance. Larger, they produce more vapour and last longer between charges. If you’re after something in between, our smaller Pro Kit battery fits nicely in the palm of your hand.

Your mAh

Milliampere-hour (or mAh) is the measurement for the energy a battery holds – and shows how long it’ll go between charges. So our 650mah (70mm) Pro Kit battery will last longer than our cig-a-like 145mAh (65mm) blu Battery. The bigger 950mAh (90mm) Pro Kit battery will last even longer. We measure the length of our batteries in millimetres (mm).

E-cig battery guide

How long do e-cig batteries last?

Let’s look at how many puffs you can take on a blu e-cig before you’ll have to charge. And how many times you can recharge before you’ll need to replace a battery. (We call that “charge cycles”.)

blu Battery = approx. 300 puffs and 300 charge cycles
blu Pro Battery 650mah (70mm) = approx. 900 puffs and 1,200 charge cycles
blu Pro Battery 950mah (90mm) = approx. 1,200 puffs and 1,500 charge cycles

blu Battery

How to charge your e-cig battery

To charge your blu Battery, twist it into your USB Stick Charger and plug into a USB port – like the ones on your PC or laptop. A blu Mains Adaptor will charge your battery even faster.

If you’ve got a Premium Kit, your case charges your battery for you. Just close the lid to start charging. Easy. With a Pro Kit, you need a blu “Safe-Charge” USB cable. It’s specially designed to charge your Pro Kit batteries quickly and safely.

How long does it take to charge an e-cig battery?

To get the most from your e-cig battery, always vape it dry before you charge. Here’s how long it’ll take:

blu Battery = 2 hours from the mains or in Premium Kit case
blu Pro Battery 650mah (70mm) = 2 hours
blu Pro Battery 950mah (90mm) = 2.5 – 3 hours

Pro Battery
When you’re charging a blu Battery or Pro Kit battery, the blue LED tip will light up. The light will go out when the battery is fully charged.

Recycling your e-cig batteries

Got some used-up blu batteries kicking about? Well, now you can recycle them with the blucycle scheme. Here’s how it works.

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