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How do I know when to top up e-cig flavours?


How do I know when to top up e-cig flavours?

A bit like razors or air freshener, sometimes it’s tough to know when to refill or top up your e-cigarette flavours.

When you inhale on a blu™ e-cig or tank, you activate the battery which heats up the flavoured e-liquid – turning it into vapour. So how do you know when you’re running out of flavour?

Disposable e-cig flavours

This one’s easy. You can’t top up a blu Disposable. You’ll know your Disposable is running out when you get less vapour production, less flavour and less throat hit coming through. Depending how often you vape, you’ll get around 300 puffs from a blu Disposable. When it runs out, simply bin (responsibly) or send us your old Disposables to recycle for you. See how the blucycle scheme works here.

Starter and Premium Kit e-cig flavours

You get the same e-cigs with our Starter and Premium Kits. So the same blu Batteries and Cartridge Refill flavours. A blu Battery will last you around 300 puffs before you’ll have to recharge it or replace with a fully charged one. You’ll know when you’re out of battery when your e-cig tip flashes when you take a draw. See how to recharge blu batteries here.

You’ll know you have to change cartridge refill flavours when you get less vapour production, less flavour and less throat hit coming through. You might even notice a burnt taste if the cartridge is dry. That’ll be the vapouriser part of your e-cig trying to heat up e-liquid that isn’t there.

When that happens, just twist off your old cartridge refill and replace it with a new one. You can recycle old cartridge refills with us too. Head over to the blucycle page to see how it works.

Top tip: If you’ve got a Starter Kit, you can take the USB stick charger out of the case and keep a spare cartridge refill in its place. So if you run out of flavour, you’ve got a replacement waiting for you. Sweet! You already get extra storage space with a Premium Kit. Plus it charges your e-cig batteries for you.

Pro Kit flavours

It’s easier to know if you need to top up your Pro Kit. The clearomiser has a clear window that shows how much e-liquid you’ve got left. A clearomiser will last around 10 full fills before you’ll have to replace it. Just like when you run out of e-liquid, you’ll notice less vapour, flavour and throat hit with a spent clearo. And that burnt taste we talked about.

Top tip: Try to keep your clearomiser a quarter full to get the best vape possible.

Want to know more about our new clearomiser with Smooth Flow technology? Go see.

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