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How do I Vape E-Cigs?


How do I Vape E-Cigs?

It’s a pretty simple process, but let us explain you how to vape an e-cigarette.
Vaping is a pretty simple process, but as with any emerging technology, questions arise. Perhaps the most common is: “how do I vape?” Gladly, the answer is pretty simple: you vape in much the same way you would smoke a cigarette:

  1. You bring the e-cigarette up to your mouth
  2. You take a couple of short, quick puffs without inhaling
  3. You take 1-3 second puffs for the rest of your vaping session.

Pretty simple stuff. Here’s the more science part. Each time you puff, the battery inside your e-cigarette heats up the clearomiser and turns the liquid into vapour. You inhale this vapour just like cigarette smoke, and it FEELS like a cigarette. You get the sensation of inhaling smoke, the throat hit smokers love and that rush of nicotine. The main difference is e-cig vapour contains no tobacco-smoke or smell. And because nothing actually burns, there’s no tar either. So, it’ll feel cleaner than smoking.

How do I Vape Using Different Devices?

The above definition is a good broad guide to vaping e-cigs. However, there are slightly different methods for vaping using different technologies. For example, you would not vape a straightforward e-cigarette in the same way you would a vaporiser. Sure, you still follow the same basic steps mentioned above, but not quite in the same way.

How do I Vape an E-Cigarette?

Vaping an e-cigarette is a little more straightforward than vaping a vaporiser. If you vape blu, here are a few tips to get the most from your e-cig:

  1. Take off the safety hygiene sticker
  2. When you start to vape, hold your e-cig at a slight downward angle and take a couple of short, quick puffs without inhaling. This helps coat the Cartridge Refill with liquid, so you get more vapour and flavour
  3. Take 1-3 second puffs. Anything more or less and won’t enjoy as much vapour or flavour. If you notice less flavour – or vapour – coming from your e-cig, it’ll be time to charge your battery and/or swap flavours.

How do I Vape a Vaporiser?

Vaping on a vaporiser (like the blu PRO Kit) is a little bit different, with the biggest change being how you activate the device:

  1. When you vape using a vaporiser, you push a button on the battery as you puff. This is sometimes called ‘manual’
  2. This button serves the same purpose as the sensors on an e-cigarette; turning on the battery, which heats up the coil in the clearomiser, turning the liquid into vapour
  3. Then it’s just a simple case of enjoying your vaporiser.

Once again, if you notice less flavour coming from your vaporiser, it’ll be time to charge your battery and/or refill with e-liquid.

So that’s how to vape. Find the perfect kit for you with blu.

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