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How Does our “Safe-Charge” Cable Work?


How Does our “Safe-Charge” Cable Work?

Your Pro Kit batteries pack a lot of power (five times more than our standard batteries). To make sure you’re not waiting ages to power up your tank, and to charge it safely, we created the blu™ Pro Kit “Safe-Charge” USB Charger.

What’s different?

If you’ve ever tried to connect another e-cig brand’s charger to your Pro Kit battery, you’ll have noticed it doesn’t fit. That’s because we modified the thread of our Pro Kit batteries so they only fit the safe-charge connection.


How’s it safe?

Using the wrong charger for your e-cig battery can lead to long waiting times. Worse still, it can harm your tank beyond repair. That’s why we created Pro Kit batteries that only charge with the “Safe-Charge” charger. It has just the right voltage to charge your tank quickly and safely.

Where can I get one?

The “Safe-Charge” USB Charger comes with your blu Pro Kit. If you want a spare, you can buy it on our site. It works with our UK / EU mains adaptor and car adaptor too. Stay safe out there.

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