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How long do e-cigs last?


How long do e-cigs last?

Because e-cigs don’t burn like traditional cigarettes, it’s pretty easy to know when your smoke break’s over. E-cigs don’t burn anything though, so how do you know when to stop vaping? And just how long will e-cigs last you? Let’s find out.

E-cig puff counts

To test how many puffs you get from a cigarette and an e-cigarette, we use our own “puff tester” machine. The machine takes two-second puffs with 30-second pauses between puffs. We use it to test cigarettes and e-cigs, and work out the puff equivalent.

“I puff longer than two seconds!” Okay, easy. Truth is, everyone’s different. You might mix up short and long puffs. And take different size puffs to the guy next to you. These affect how many puffs you take on a cigarette or e-cig, and how long they’ll last.

We found two-second puffs with a 30-second pause to be the average. It’s called the Canadian Intensive Smoking Method and it’s what other e-cigarette brands base their puff counts on.

E-cig testing machine

Rechargeable e-cigs

The rechargeable e-cigarettes you get with our Starter Kit and Premium Kit have two parts – batteries and cartridge refills. When you connect them, that’s your assembled blu e-cig good to go.

A blu Battery will last you approx. 300 puffs before you’ll have to recharge it. (Remember, this depends on your vaping style.) To charge, just plug it in with a USB stick charger to charge in a couple of hours. You can charge your battery approx. 300 times before you’ll need to replace it with a new one. Don’t worry, you can buy new ones in-store and online.

You get around 300 puffs from a blu Cartridge Refill before you’ll have to swap it with a fresh one. Compare that with the average 10 puffs you get from one cigarette.

Pro Kit and E-Liquids

When you attach your Pro Battery to your Pro Clearomiser, that’s your assembled vaporiser.

We have two types of Pro Battery. The smaller 70mm long 650mAh battery, and the larger, more powerful 90mm, 950mAh battery. The former will last you 900 puffs before you’ll have to recharge. The latter 1,200 puffs.

You can charge the smaller Pro Battery around 1,200 times before you’ll have to replace it with a new one. The bigger battery will go 1,500 charges. You can buy replacement Pro Batteries in-store or online.

To give you an idea, the average smoker smokes 13 cigarettes a day which is approx. 130 puffs. A bottle of blu E-Liquid will last you approx. 1,500 puffs. One full fill of your clearomiser will last you 900 puffs. To get the best taste possible, you should replace your clearomiser every 10 full fills – or each time you change flavours. Again, you can buy them in-store or online.

E-cig battery guide

Disposable e-cigarettes

You can enjoy a blu Disposable right out of the box. With disposable e-cigarettes, you don’t have to charge or top up with flavours. You just enjoy them once and bin when done. Each will last you around 300 puffs.

Recycling your old e-cigs

You can recycle your old blu batteries and e-cigarette cartridges with us. See how the blucycle scheme works.

Don’t know which e-cig kit is for you? You can compare them here.

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