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How To Check The Quality of Your E Cig


How To Check The Quality of Your E Cig

Electronic cigarettes have changed the way we think about smoking and the industry is constantly evolving to meet quality control standards. In the last five years alone, there have been huge advances in legislation, regulation and design.

blu UK is doing its part to help the industry by raising awareness, improving education, conducting studies and making advances in product design and product availability. Take a look at our Starter and Premium kits and give them a try to decide for yourself.

However, in this fast-moving industry, unsafe products made by rogue manufacturers can still slip through the net. The best way to ensure that your e cig is safe is to buy products from a trusted brand. At blu UK, we design safe, sleek kits that are tested to the highest standards. Make sure your e-cig is safe by asking the following questions.

Good quality e-cigs - what to look for

1. Does your e-cig brand have a website?

Before you buy an e cig, check the manufacturer’s online presence. If they don’t have a website there is probably something fishy going on. If they do have a website, does it look legit? By the by have, you taken a look around this site — it’s the best!

2. Does your e-cig leak?

This is a common problem in dodgy or badly made e cigarette products. There’s nothing worse than e-liquid leaking onto your clothes — or worse, into your mouth.

3. How hot is your e cig battery?

Poorly manufactured batteries will get very hot very quickly during use and this is a sure sign of a problem. Some heat is to be expected but if you find your fingers are starting to burn think about investing in a new product like our blu Pro Kit™.

4. Does your E-liquid taste right?

Got a tasty vape?

If you purchase low quality e-liquid, at best it can taste pretty bad and at worst it can be dangerous. blu e-liquid contains US pharmaceutical grade (USP) nicotine — the highest grade available — and USP grade propylene glycol (used to recreate the throat hit that smokers enjoy). Our e-liquids also contain common natural and artificial flavourings.

5. Does your product have a CE marking?

All kinds of products made in the EU require CE marking. Seeing this on a product is a good sign because it proves that the manufacture of the product has met the provisions of EU legislation. To get our CE certificate we carry out a rigorous conformity assessment.

6. Where did you buy your e-cig from?

Are you vaping the best?

This one is down to common sense more than anything. If you bought your e cig from a shifty looking guy on a street corner then things may not turn out well for you. blu UK products are trusted by many of the UK’s biggest retailers, including Asda, The Co-operative and Morrisons.

Make sure you get the best out of your e cig by going blu UK!

Images by e3Learning, ell brown and .A.A., used under Creative Commons licence



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