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How to choose the right e-cig flavour for you


How to choose the right e-cig flavour for you

So, you’ve decided to make the switch. And picked your e-cig kit. Now it’s time to choose your flavour. Easy yeah?

Well, not always. If you’re undecided which flavour to go for, here’s a snack-size guide to help you out.

Starting with tobacco

Many smokers prefer to start out with a tobacco flavour. You’ll enjoy that tobacco taste, aroma and sensation you’re used to. And with blu, you get three tobacco flavours to try out.

Classic Tobacco is just that. It recreates the authentic tobacco flavour you get with cigarettes. To make it, we blended tobacco leafs from Brazil, India and Virginia. That way, you get a medium-bodied taste with an oaky, nutty finish.

Tobacco Gold is inspired by American cigarettes. Sweeter than Classic Tobacco, it’s silky smooth with a buttery finish. You’ll notice it has a more full-bodied flavour too.

Our Rich Tobacco flavour is full-bodied too, with a big and bold tobacco flavour. You’ll find hints of roasted coffee and dark chocolate in there. Yum. And a long-lasting, satisfying tobacco aftertaste.

Still unsure? If you have a Starter Kit or Premium Kit, you can go for our Tobacco Variety pack. Each contains a Classic Tobacco, Tobacco Gold and Rich Tobacco cartridge refill. These packs are a great way to find the right tobacco flavour for you. And who knows, you might enjoy them all.

Fruit fancies

One of the great things about vaping is the variety of flavours you get. Switch from cigarettes to e-cigs and you’re open to a world of new flavours, including fruit. For cartridge refills, blu makes Cherry.

If you go for a Pro Kit, you’ve got more choice of fruit flavours to enjoy. We make bluBerry (see what we did there), Cherry and Strawberry Mint e-liquids.

Sweet treats

Switch to e-cigs and you’ll enjoy sweet flavours too. NRG is our energy-drink inspired flavour with taurine for a sugary kick. You can buy NRG cartridge refills and e-liquids.

If you smoke Menthols, you’ll enjoy our authentic Menthol flavour. Cool, refreshing and minty, you can enjoy blu Menthol with cig-a-likes and Pro Kits.

If you have a Starter or Premium Kit and would like to explore all our sweet flavours, you can buy a Sweet Variety pack with Menthol, Cherry and Vanilla cartridge refills.

Whichever e-cig kit you’ve got, we recommend you experiment to find the right flavour – or flavours – for you. You can find out how we make our award-winning flavours here.

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