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How To Clean Your E-cig


How To Clean Your E-cig

When you move from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping, there are a few subtle things you might not realise are going to happen. Remember the way you once gripped your analogue fag between index finger and middle finger? Vapers are known to switch to the microphone/lolly-pop grip within the first few weeks.

And remember that feeling of security you had with your fag pack and lighter in your pocket? That comforting weight has now been taken up by your stylish vape kit. And who could forget the simple joy of cleaning out an overflowing ashtray, stuffed with a week’s supply of fetid tab butts and ash; maybe someone even stuck a bit of gum in there for you to prise off.

Well there’s good news for all the nostalgic among you — you get to give your refillable electronic cigarette an occasional clean with a cotton bud!

How to clean your e-cig

How to clean your battery

blu ecigs are intricately designed and tested to provide state-of-the-art vaping pleasure — you won’t have to worry about cleaning them very often. Yet just like a spaceship or a Ferrari, some essential maintenance is required from time to time to ensure you get the best out of your machine.

If you notice a change in the quality of your draw, take a dry cotton bud and gently clean the connection where your battery and tank or cartridge meet. Normal e cig use can cause small volumes of e liquid to build up at the connection due to condensation. But with the deft application of your cotton bud, you should notice an improvement almost immediately.

Top Tip: If a bit of grit or debris has become stuck in the connection, take a pair of scissors and cut your cotton bud in half at an angle. This creates a scraping tool which is perfect for the job. Go MacGyver!

How to tidy your vape

How to clean your clearomiser

blu Starter and Premium Kits are designed to be the ultimate user-friendly vape. This means there are no frilly bits, ecig mods or refillable cartridges. Once you’ve finished with a blu cartridge, you simply connect a new one and you’re good to go. Every pack of blu™ e cigarette refills contains three cartridges to enjoy.

If you’re a blu™ Pro Kit tank user, however, there’s a simple way to prolong the life of your tank and make your vape as smooth as possible.

First, unscrew your clearomiser from the battery, then unscrew the mouthpiece. Next, push one of those trusty cotton buds we talked about into the mouthpiece. Sometimes fluff and whatnot can gather there.

You can also clean the thread (or metal bit) where your clearomiser connects to your battery. Twist your cotton bud scraping tool around the metal thread to remove any dirt and ensure you get a flush connection – and the full power of your battery going to the clearomiser. That means more vapour and flavour.

Do you vape more than one flavour? When you’ve vaped your clearomiser dry, leave it upright on a paper towel. This collects any residual e-liquid, so you can enjoy your new flavour as it should be, without the aftertaste of an old one.

Keep it clean!

Top Tip: Build an ecig cleaning kit with cotton buds, paper towels and the filters people use for roll-up cigarettes.  Always replace your clearomiser when you experience a ‘burnt taste’.

So get your cotton buds in and get that electronic cigarette looking squeaky clean. You’ll always feel good when you make a clean vape of things.

Images by Mark H. Evans and DaveOnFlickr used under Creative Commons licence

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