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How to Never Run out of e-cig Cartridges or Battery – The Ultimate Guide


How to Never Run out of e-cig Cartridges or Battery – The Ultimate Guide

Like a thunder clap the realisation hits: your battery is running out or your cartridge is almost empty. You instantly think: “I must make sure this does not happen again.”
But then it does happen. Again. And Again.
If this scene is familiar then what you could do with is the ultimate vaper’s guide to never running out of battery or e-cigs. Lo and behold, this is the very tome before you. In ten steps you should never be without your beloved vapour again.

1. In the pocket
Well, this is the obvious one: always have your blu packet filled with full cartridges – along with the one in use – whenever you leave the house. That’s a lot of vapour in your pocket, so it should get you from one day to the next!

2. In the home
You have your full kit in your pocket when you leave the house, but you will need to restock when possible, so remember to always have cartridges in the house. For the system to work you should have more than one full sleeve of cartridges at all times. This will allow for the time it takes to get another set delivered – as soon as you open that final cartridge in your penultimate pack, alarm bells should ring…

3. In the car/bike/scooter
It probably won’t be as important, but think about popping a couple of cartridges in your car or bike, just in case you are away from the house for a while and start to run out of your on-the-go stash.

4. At the office
Unless you are very financially fortunate you will probably spend half your life at work, so this is the next-most important place to store cartridges. Again, aim to have more than one sleeve at any time – the same as your home supply. Considering how stressful some people’s jobs are, you might find it is at work that you end up doing more restocking of your on-the-go stash.

5. Where else do you spend loads of time?
Without knowing you from Adam, it is difficult to predict where you can have more supplies, but just think about where else you spend a lot of time and you would have access to a drawer or locker – perhaps a friend’s house? Or a gym? The same rule applies as for your home and office – more than one sleeve at all times…

6. Supplies!
This is a crucial step: restocking your supplies. Basically, every time you see you are getting to the trigger point (one sleeve left) in one of your treasure troves, go online and order another few. If you order several at a time you can always restock different supply points.
NOTE: How you remind yourself to restock is up to you: a knot in the handkerchief, a reminder on the phone or a scribble on your hand will all work nicely.

7. Charging charging
So that should be your e-liquid supplies sorted – what about your battery? The key here is to have more than one battery and charger, of course. Creating a system that works for you is the next step but also depends on your usage. Heavy vapers may want to charge their battery every night, so you could swap the one in use with the spare one first thing every morning, while less prolific e-cig users might find it useful just to do so on a Monday and Friday – see what works for you. The location of your chargers will be led by your lifestyle too, although one at work and one at home should work for most people.
NOTE: Check your pack for advice on making the most of your battery life, as you do not want to ruin it with your system.

8. Event planning
Whether it is a big night out or a weekend away, always remember to plan for your vaping. In the same way as you’d check whether you have your phone, wallet, tickets, bag and e-cigarette, take one step further and ensure you have a spare, fully-charged battery and plenty of cartridges. It is always best to overestimate your consumption as you can always bring them back with you.
You might also think about picking up a couple of disposables if you are going on a wild night out and are not convinced you will get home with all your possessions. Better to lose a disposable than a rechargeable…

9. Know your stockists
Even though this system should ensure you never run out of e-cigs again, it cannot hurt to know which retailers stock your favourite brand, as you could lose your e-cig and be left empty-handed. Tragedy! To find out where you can pick up a blu™ e-cig, check out the blu stockist locater.

10. Map out your supplies… just kidding!
Or am I? You can take this system and run with it in your own way – some people might want more military precision than others. With a little – or a lot – of organisation, you can ensure you are never without a working e-cigarette.

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