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Lights, vapour, action: what your e-cig’s trying to tell you


Lights, vapour, action: what your e-cig’s trying to tell you

Those first weeks of using a blu™ e-cig can feel a bit alien. No smoke. No matches. And strange lights flashing at you like the UFOs from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Well, next time your e-cig blinks at you, you needn’t stare like a spaced-out Richard Dreyfuss. Just refer to this handy checklist to find out what your e-cigarette is trying to communicate.

Your blue LED

Like a benevolent robot, your blu e-cig tip lights up every time you take a puff. Not only does it look cool, your blue LED lets others know you’re not smoking a cigarette in public. Good for avoiding scowls, screams and jail time.

Flashing LED on a blu e-cig

If your blu e-cig tip flashes quickly for 10 seconds, it’s telling you to charge your battery. If you’ve got a Starter Kit, screw your blu Battery into a blu USB Stick Charger (comes with your kit) and plug into a friendly USB port. It’ll take around two hours to charge from the mains.

Premium Kit ‘BATT’ and ‘CASE’ light

If you’re charging your blu Battery with a Premium Kit, just drop it into slot 4 of your charging case and close the lid. The “BATT” LED on the side of the case will come on to show your battery is charging. This light will go out when your battery’s charged (in around two hours’ time.)

If the ‘CASE’ light on your Premium Kit comes on, the case itself needs charged. You’ll get around six charges of a blu Battery – on the go – before this’ll happen. To charge your case, plug it into a USB port with the charging cable supplied. It’ll take around three hours to charge from the mains. You’ll know your disco when the ‘CASE’ light turns off.

Your LEDs are talking to you

Two flashes then nothing

If your e-cig tip flashes twice then cuts out, that’s your blu telling you you’re vaping like the creepy guy from The X-Files. This in-built safety mechanism ensures your e-cig doesn’t overheat from overdoing it. If this happens, wait 30 seconds and try again. Hold your blu at a downward angle and take a couple of short, quick puffs without inhaling. (Think back to the bike sheds.) Then take longer, lighter draws. Don’t worry, you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Three flashes of a Pro Kit

It sounds like a John Le Carre novel, but three flashes of a Pro Kit tells you if it’s turned on or off. To wake up or put your Pro Kit to sleep, push the power button 5 times in quick succession. The lights on the button and the LED tip will flash three times. You’ll know your Pro Kit is off if no light comes on when you push the button.

Bright light! Bright light!

You push the big button on your Pro Kit every time you take a puff. When you do, it turns a mellow blue. If happy blue turns shouty red, that’s your Pro Kit barking that your battery needs charged. If you’ve got a replacement, just twist on a new one. If not, you’ll have to hot-tail it for the nearest USB port – and pray it’s not attached to a Spinning Jenny. It takes around two hours to charge the smaller 650mAh Pro Kit battery, and two and a half hours to charge the larger 950mAh Pro Kit battery.

A guide to e-cig lights

Pro Kit laser show

When you plug your Pro Battery into a USB port with the charging cable, the battery button and bottom LED will flash three times to show you it’s charging. Like a Jean Michel Jarre show, the button will stay lit, bottom LED stay blue and USB light blink red while charging.

When fully charged, the battery button and bottom LED will flash about 20 times and turn off. And like an encore from Jean, the USB light will turn blue to show you’re fully charged.

Five Pro Kit flashes

If your Pro Kit flashes five times and then cuts out, that’s your Pro Kit telling you to go easy. If you overdo it, your Pro Kit will cut out to avoid overheating. Don’t worry, you can start using your Pro Kit again straight away. Just pace yourself! We recommend avoiding draws of four seconds or more. You won’t get any more vapour than a shorter draw, and you’ll risk getting a burnt taste. Don’t worry, you’ll soon find your vape sweet spot.

So, next time your blu e-cig flashes at you, you’ll know what to do. And like Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters, we recommend keeping spare e-cig batteries on you at all times. That way, you’ll avoid lights out and any ETs sneaking up and scaring the bejesus out of you.

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