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Premium Kit vs. Pro Kit – Who’s Champ?


Premium Kit vs. Pro Kit – Who’s Champ?

Looking to step up from your Starter Kit? Well, we’ve put our two heavy hitters in the ring to see who comes out top. “Aiidriaaann!”

Round 1 – battery life
The Premium Kit boasts on the go charging. Its durable case is a portable charger that carries two batteries, so you’ll never go without.

The Pro Kit doesn’t charge on the go, but with its massive 950mah battery, it lasts AGES between charges. And with a 1.8ml clearomiser, you shouldn’t run out of liquid very easily when you’re out and about.

Looks all even after the first round.

Round 2 – flavour
The Premium Kit holds three Cartridges Refills of your choice. And with eight flavours to choose from, it’s easy to mix up your case. A nice cherry flavour after your tea? Classic Tobacco for watching the telly? Your call.

The Pro Kit has two more flavours than Cartridge Refills – Strawberry-Mint and bluBerry. And you can use other companies’ e-liquids if you want to. (We don’t know why you would though.)

So, the Pro Kit has more flavours, but the Premium Kit lets you carry three with you. We’ll need a judges’ decision for this one.

Round 3 – ease of use

If you’re stepping up from a Starter Kit, you’ll find the Premium Kit real easy. Just screw your Cartridge Refill onto the e-cig battery and you’re good to go. To charge, close your case lid. Simple.

To use you Pro Kit, unscrew the clearomiser and its silver base. Pour e-liquid down the inside. Prime it. And vape. To charge, remove your clearomiser and screw in your “Safe-Charge” USB cable.

There are more steps to using the Pro Kit, so the Premium Kit might just edge this round.

Round 4 – look and feel

If you like the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette, the Premium Kit comes closest. We designed the size and weight to feel like you’re holding a traditional cigarette. Then gave it a sleek black design and flashing blue tip so it doesn’t look like one.

The Pro Kit definitely won’t be mistaken for a cigarette. It’s bigger, but designed be just as beautiful. In terms of feel and vape, you get more control over how much vapour you produce with a Pro Kit. Hearty mouthfuls or delicate toots, they both taste great.

The verdict? We reckon it’s a split decision. You’ll have to decide.

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