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Pro or Premium? Or is that Pro and Premium?


Pro or Premium? Or is that Pro and Premium?

If you’re asking yourself whether to take the plunge into the world of e-cigs, then both the blu™ Pro Kit and Premium Kit make fine choices. But really, it’s a choice you don’t have to make.

It’s a bit like comparing shorts with trousers – they do different things. Perhaps the questions more worth asking are how and where am I going to use them?

As a daily and occasionally heavy social smoker of 30 years, here’s why I’ve switched from tobacco to using both e-cig kits. On the one hand, the Pro is more satisfying – it consistently delivers a great ‘hit’. On the other, the Premium Kit comes into its own when you’re out and about.

First, the Pro really wears the trousers. It’s fairly easy to set up straight out of the box. Although I’d recommend you read the instructions, watch blu’s online tutorial on how to fill with e-liquid and check out these maintenance tips. Once you’re up and vaping, you can fill your boots with a fuller flavour (there are no less than nine) and get longer battery life (mine’s still going strong on its seventh day). And I’d guess that using e-liquids is probably a tad easier on the wallet than using cartridges. That said, both are way cheaper than cigarettes.

The Premium is the perfect complement to its big brother. It’s a breeze to get going. There’s no filling of liquids – and as many flavours to choose from – just screw the cartridge into the battery and you’re off. It’s got an understated style in matt black with a blue LED tip. And the thing I’ve been most impressed with is the design of the case. You can store your e-cig, up to three other cartridges, and charge your spare battery anywhere – just by popping it in the right slot. Both the case and e-cig will even tell you when they need charging. It’s that simple and convenient.

Both kits have a lot going for them – so I’ll be using the Pro at home and the Premium when I’m out. If you’re deliberating between the two, I’d say why not get both? And when that decision’s out of the way, you can get on with enjoying a life that’s smoke-free and just as satisfying.

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