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Pro Tips: Clearomiser 101


Pro Tips: Clearomiser 101

It’s a big day in your vaping career – you’ve moved from the blu™ Starter Kit to the blu ™Pro Kit. It’s been a good ride with the Starter Kit but your heart is set on more flavour and more vapour. Our sleek Pro Kit is one of the best devices on the market and pulling it out of your pocket will make you look and feel like a real pro.

But hold on a minute, with great power comes great responsibility. As there are a few more moving parts in the Pro Kit, you’ll need to equip yourself with some new knowledge. That top bit that screws onto your rechargeable lithium battery? That’s called a blu™ Pro Clearomiser. Unlike the Starter and Premium Kit, you fill this little tank by hand with a flavour of your choice.

For the best quality vape on the market today, we recommend you change your clearomiser every ten fills or you might start to experience some classic clearomiser problems. Here’s a quick rundown.

Burnt taste

If you’ve been using your clearomiser regularly for some time without changing it, you might start to experience an unpleasant burnt taste. It might be time for a fresh clearomiser — however, there are a few other reasons why this can happen. Just got a new clearomiser and can’t wait to have a puff? Just wait a few minutes! Allow the e-liquid to soak in to your new coil for optimum flavour. One more thing: if you let the e-liquid in your device run too low you may also get a burnt taste, so remember to keep it topped up.

Get the most for your clearomiser

Leaky vape syndrome

Another annoying problem and vaper bête-noire is the dreaded leaky vape. Our Pro Kits are designed to ensure that this is rarely a problem. However, the odd issue can crop up occasionally. Firstly, make sure you haven’t over-filled your device with e liquid. If this isn’t a problem, check for cracks. Try not to leave your vape in too hot or cold a place while not in use — this can cause problems!

Less vapour than usual

This problem annoys the life out of seasoned vapers but it usually has a simple fix. Firstly, make sure that your battery is fully charged and turned on properly. Still not working? Ask yourself how old your battery is — if you have been using it for more than a few months then you may need to look at buying a new one as they don’t last forever! Just got it recently? Check that the connection between battery and clearomiser isn’t clogged with fluff or dirt. Finally, it may be that your clearomiser needs replaced — remember the 10 fill rule!


If you’re puffing on your vape and nothing but an annoying gurgling sound is happening, then you may have flooded the central tube of your clearomiser. If this is the case, unscrew the clearomiser from the battery and leave it for a little while to dry. Sometimes blowing through the mouthpiece can work but this isn’t best practice. Avoid the whole problem by filling your Pro Kit slowly and carefully, ensuring not to overfill.

E liquid in mouth

Are you sure you’re filling your device properly? Always unscrew the mouthpiece to fill up with e-liquid. Sounds simple but everyone makes mistakes!

Enjoy an unbeatable vaping experience with the blu Pro Kit. And remember the 10 fill rule to avoid any of these problems!

Images by Pranav and JackF, taken from iStock

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