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Vaping in Public – Where You Can and Can’t


Vaping in Public – Where You Can and Can’t

2.1 million people use e-cigarettes in the UK. That’s a lot of lips. E-cigs don’t have the tobacco smoke, ash or smell of traditional cigarettes, so they’re not banned by law in public spaces. Despite this, many places won’t let you vape in public. Let’s look at where you can and can’t use blu™ e-cigs.

Eating out

The verdict is out for restaurants. Gordon Ramsay will swear and throw you out if he catches you vaping in any of his Michelin-starred establishments. But it’s okay to vape in McDonald’s and lots of other restaurants. Our tip is to ask staff before you bring out your blu.

The office

Smoking in the office depends where you work and who’s the boss. So Shell, Standard Life and the BBC have banned e-cigs. However, it’s cool at Conde Nast, Kraft and Westfield shopping centres. If in doubt, ask HR.
On a plane

Airlines such as Easyjet, British Airways and Virgin Airlines have banned the use of e-cigs on board their planes. And most airports confine you to designated smoking areas. UK airports have also added extra security checks for travelling with electrical goods. Read how to travel safe with blu.  

Public transport

Bus companies such as Edinburgh’s Lothian Buses and National Express Coaches are a no-no. As is Network Rail and the London Underground. East Coast Rail does allow you to vape on its trains and at the 12 stations it manages. Woohoo!
Sports grounds

It’s up in the air for sporting stadiums. So, you’re okay to vape at Wolves FC’s ground Molineux. And good to go at Goodwood Racecourse. Best to call the venue’s customer services team before you go. 

Pubs and clubs

J.D. Wetherspoon has banned e-cigs from all its pubs. But most bars we spoke to are okay with using your blu. Clubs and music venues are also generally tolerant. blu UK has teamed up with O2 Academies to let you buy and use blu e-cigs in 15 of its venues nationwide.

Have we missed anywhere? Let us know where you can and can’t use blu e-cigs.

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