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We need your help, get the word out about vaping!


We need your help, get the word out about vaping!

Help get the word out about vaping

You may not be aware of it but right now there are still people out there that think that you shouldn’t be allowed to hear about vaping. Case in point; Facebook. They currently do not allow blu or any vape related posts to be advertised on Facebook. This is a big deal because Facebook is the largest social media site for adults in the world. That means Facebook has more smokers online than anywhere else and they deserve to know about vaping. With vaping you get no smoke, ash or tar, and it is obviously different than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. So why does Facebook treat vaping the same as smoking? That’s where you come in, by telling them that adult smokers deserve to be told about vaping.

Just click here to sign this petition telling Facebook they should allow adults to hear about vaping. We also ask that you share this with all of your friends and family that vape.

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