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Where to buy electronic cigarettes in the UK: the ultimate guide


Where to buy electronic cigarettes in the UK: the ultimate guide

Want to try out e-cigarettes? Or are you a vaper looking to top up with e-cig flavours or accessories?

Luckily, vaping’s got more popular in the last few years, so it’s easier than ever to find e-cigarette products in the UK. You probably know you can buy them from online e-cig stores like blu UK. But did you know you can now buy them from:

  • independent stockists
  • supermarkets and large chain stores
  • speciality vaping shops
  • vaping lounges
  • select pubs and clubs

Let’s take a look at each option…

Buy e-cigs at independent stockists throughout the UK

Independent stockists include everything from corner shops to petrol stations to electronics boutiques. blu UK is proud to count thousands of independent stockist across the UK as partners.

Buy your e-cigs at the supermarket

You can find blu™ products at large chain stores like WH Smith, Asda and Co-op. Our latest addition is Tesco – all 1,721 of its Express stores. And you’ll soon find us at Tesco Extra, Superstores and Metro shops nationwide.

The best way to keep track is to check our e cig store locator. So if you can’t remember where
your nearest Tesco Express is, or you want to find your closest blu stockist, go take a look.

Buy your electronic cigarettes at speciality vaping shops

A speciality vaping shop is the e-cig equivalent of a tobacconist. The shop may carry a specific brand, or multiple brands plus e-cigarette accessories and e-liquids. Typically, they’ll have a wider variety of items than the average stockist. Just make sure they go through the same quality checks that blu goes through.

Buying e-cigs in vaping lounges

A vaping lounge is similar to a coffee shop. Vapers can get together, blow vapour rings and giggle at smokers standing outside in the rain. Most vaping lounges carry a sampling of e-cig products, but it’s best to check ahead if you’re after something specific. Like Strawberry Mint E-Liquid.

Buy e-cigarettes at select pubs and clubs

Many people are surprised to hear they can buy their e-cigarette products from their local pub. There is a growing number of bars that allow vaping and sell e-cigs. Many find it helps win back business lost from the smoking ban.

Music venues are getting on board too. blu UK has also teamed up with O2 Academies to let you buy and enjoy blu e-cigs in 15 of its venues nationwide.

Electronic cigarette suppliers: in summary

blu UK is one of the most recognised e-cigarette brands in the UK. And it’s one of the first to bring high-quality e-cigs to the country. We reckon you’ll enjoy our e-cigarette kits, flavours and disposable e-cigs wherever you find them.

And now if you hear someone ask, “where can I buy electronic cigarettes in the UK?”, you’ll know where to point them.

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