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Which electronic cigarette should I buy?


Which electronic cigarette should I buy?

There are loads of brands of e-cigarettes in the UK to choose from. But before you pick your brand, you have to decide which type of electronic cigarette is for you.

Here’s a handy guide to help you decide which e-cig you should buy – one that fits your lifestyle and how you like to vape.

Re-chargeable e-cigarette kits with cartridges

With kits, you get a battery that screws into a pre-filled flavour cartridge. That’s your assembled e-cig. You can charge them as needed by plugging into the mains or a USB port. Some kit cases (like the blu™ Premium Kit) charge your e-cigs for you. And when your flavour cartridge runs out, you just replace it. Easy.

Advantages to kits

If you’re looking for the experience of smoking a cigarette, then kits are for you. E-cigarettes look and feel like a cigarette. Many (like the blu e-cig), stand out so people don’t mistake them for cigs in public. Or give you any frowns, screams or shouts. Other pluses to kits include:

– Wide variety of flavours and nicotine strengths
– Quick and easy to swap cartridges for the flavour and strength you’re after
– No fussing with re-filling, you just unscrew the old cartridge, screw in a new one and go
– Small and discreet kits fit easily in your pocket

With kit cases, you can hold your spare cartridges, accessories and batteries in one place. That way, you always have a back-up. Some cases, like the blu Premium Kit, let you charge on the go and keep you powered up with spare batteries. You can also recycle cartridges and batteries with the blucycle scheme.

Cost of kits

Let’s look at blu products to give you an idea of kit costs. In the first year, cartridges cost the average vaper £332 (or £28 per month). That doesn’t include taxes or extras like batteries, chargers and adapters. To see how we worked this out, go to our e-cig kits vs. disposable e-cigs page. If a kit sounds like what you’re after, check out our selection of electronic cigarette kits and flavoured electronic cigarette cartridges here.

Disposable e-cigarettes
Disposables contain a battery and pre-filled cartridge. They come fully charged, so you can use them right away. Once the battery or cartridge is empty, you just bin it and buy a new one.

Disposables are a fast and easy way to enjoy e-cigarettes. And they’re a great way to find out if e-cigs are for you. Just suck ‘em and see. You can pick them up in shops and stores around the UK. Other pluses include:

– Great for nights out and being on the go
– Small packs fit easily in your pocket (just like a ten deck of cigs)
– You won’t worry about leaving them behind

Disposables cost you less than kits in the short term, and last slightly longer than a standard re-chargeable battery with cartridge the first time you use them. And, like our e-cigs, you can recycle blu Disposables.


Again, looking at blu products, our disposables cost the average vaper around £711 a year or £59 per month (not including taxes). See our e-cig kits vs. disposable e-cigs page for more details. You can check out our range of disposable electronic cigarettes, and flavours, here.

E-cig ‘tanks’ and e-liquids

You see all kinds of weird and wonderful tank contraptions on the street. They’re made up of a large battery and screw-on clearomiser or ‘tank’ – just like our Pro Kit. You fill the tank with the e-liquid flavour of your choice. And replace it when it needed – that’s around every 10 fills for blu Clearomisers.


The main advantage to tanks is that they offer better vapour production than e-cigs. Other pluses include:

– Powerful batteries last longer than e-cigarettes
– A stronger “throat hit” than e-cigs
– They cost less in the long term than e-cigs
– You get a wider variety of flavours to enjoy (nine blu E-Liquids)
– They won’t be mistaken for a traditional cigarette


After the first year, blu e-liquids cost the average vaper £142 a year or £12 a month. That’s not including taxes, replacement clearomisers or batteries, or extras like a spare blu ‘Safe-Charge’ USB cable which you get with the Pro Kit. You can find out more about costs on our e-cig kits vs. disposable e-cigs page. You can check out the blu Pro Kit e-cig tank and range of e-liquids here.

That’s a quick look into which electronic cigarette you should buy. Still unsure? No worries, you can give us a call to chat over the best options for you. Our knowledgeable UK team can help you decide which e-cigarette you should buy.

See how to get in touch here.

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