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Must-have accessories for vapers

Must-have accessories for vapers

There’s much more to e-cigarettes than just the vape and the juice.

There’s much more to e-cigarettes than just the vape and the juice. Here at blu®, we offer a range of starter kits replete with everything a first-time vaper would need to discover vaping – from different e-cigs and a wide selection of flavours to essential replacement accessories.

But the more experienced vapers will need some seriously impressive accessories to match their level of commitment. That’s where we step in, with five of our favourite vaping accessories available today.

Carry case

With e-cigarettes, there’s much less to take with you when you go away than if you were still a smoker. But there’s still a fair bit of paraphernalia to fit in your luggage – from the vape itself to the flavours, the charger and accessories. No vaper’s holiday packing should be complete without a handy carry case, which will help you to keep all your vape kit neatly together and make it easier to find when you arrive at your destination.

Keep it sleek and sophisticated with a discreet black carry case, or find one emblazoned with your favourite Marvel character. For pure simplicity, our favourite is Gusti Leather’s brown leather carry case with enough compartments for all of your kit, but without taking up too much suitcase space.

What’s more, blu® offers myblu™ starter bundles that provide everything you need to fill up your carry case: the myblu™ device itself, the charger, a tobacco liquidpod and a menthol liquidpod.

Skin sticker

At blu® we take pride in designing and producing contemporary e-cigs that you’ll be confident to be seen out with. But we’re biased. And we get it: style is personal, and what looks good to one person might not look good to another.

So if you’re looking for a way to make your myblu™ stand out, take a look through some of the many sticker skins available online. Vapor Skinz alone offer more than 300 different products compatible with blu® devices. We love the ice and fire effect of their Bahamas skin, as well as their fruity strawberry design. They offer free shipping on orders over $20 (enough for three different skins) but as they’re US-based, make sure you understand all the shipping and customs information before you order to the UK.

Vape hoodies

At blu® we’re firm believers in respecting the rules around vaping in public spaces. But sometimes you want to vape outside without attracting people’s attention, or have somewhere handy to place your vape and still be able to use it.

We can’t stop looking at these ninja hoodies from Vaprwear – a company that specialises in clothing specifically for vapers. Plug your myblu™ cartridge into the drawstring of their hoodies and tuck it into the pocket. The drawstring itself loops around the hood like an extra-long vape, meaning you can puff away on the mouthpiece on the other end of the drawstring without anybody knowing what you’re doing.

While you’re checking out Vaprwear, they also sell a range of vaping merchandise including headwear and backpacks. That’s our summer look right there.

Spare batteries

Have you ever gone to use your blu® device only to realise that you’ve forgotten to keep it up to charge? We feel your pain. Our myblu™ device only takes 20-30 minutes to charge but sometimes even that’s too long to wait.

Instead, why not order a spare rechargeable battery and keep it fully charged for those emergency vapes? That way, the next time you realise you’re out of charge, you’ll have a second battery pack to fall back on. If you forget to recharge that one as well, that’s totally on you.

Portable USB Chargers

The lifesaver of any frequent festival-goer, portable USB chargers could prove very handy if you find your e-cig is running out of charge on a regular basis.

Most portable USB chargers can be charged in just a couple of hours and can then be plugged into your e-cig using it’s USB charging cable. Whilst we would recommend charging your e-cig from a laptop or wall outlet whenever possible, having a portable USB charger can serve as a handy back-up if you’re out and about for a few hours.

Another way of charging your e-cig similar to this is to use a car charger which will plug into the outlet on the car’s dashboard before plugging into your e-cig’s USB charging cable. This can be useful if you forget to charge your e-cig and want to get it fully charged on the way to work.

Silicone Mat

When you’re taking apart your e-cigarette, you might find that it’s hard to keep all the parts in one place, especially if you’re vaping something larger like the blu PRO®. To help keep all the different parts of the e-cigarette in one place, a lot of vapers use small silicon mats when taking their device apart.

The silicon in the mat means that the parts won’t roll around, making it easier for you when you’re filling or cleaning your e-cig. There are some available with raised edges to make extra sure your stuff stays in place and there are others than have deeper indentations allowing you to stand the parts of your e-cigarette up which could be especially helpful when refilling. A silicone mat could also be useful if you like to vape in the car but worry about dropping your e-cig on the floor.

Microfibre cloths

We saved the least glamorous till last. It might not get your imagination running, but buying yourself a microfibre cloth to keep your blu® device clean will save you a world of hassle. Think about it: you take good care of your mobile, and if you wear them you take good care of your glasses. So why not take extra care with your e-cig?

Microfibre cloths have much finer fibres compared to regular cloths, and this means that they won’t leave behind anywhere near as much dust or lint. Given that excess dust is often part of the reason for an e-cig battery not working, having a microfibre cloth handy is a really good way of keeping your battery in good working condition.

If that’s not enough to persuade you, then there are several companies online that allow you to personalise microfibre cloths with your own design. You could get some made up with the logo of your favourite e-cigarette brand. Just saying.