Travelling With Your E-Cigarette: Can I Vape On A Plane?

Unfortunately vaping isn’t allowed on planes for both domestic and international flights. Initially there was...

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Travelling With Your E-Cigarette: Can I Vape On A Train?

Vaping is currently banned on all platforms in the UK, as Network Rail, ... Read more

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Five Reasons The blu PLUS+™ Is Great For Beginners

When you start anything new, you want to make sure that you get off on ... Read more

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blu Goes Italian!

Ciao! That’s our subtle way of telling you that our brand new Italian s ... Read more

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The History Of Vaping

Many people around the world now use e-cigarettes every day, but where ... Read more

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Hon Lik: The Man Who Invented Vaping

Without Hon Lik, the world of e-cigarettes would be a very different pl ... Read more

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Can I Vape at the US Open Tennis?

This summer’s busy sporting calendar is still yet to serve up one of it ... Read more

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Can I Vape At The Tennis At Wimbledon?

It’s one of the highlights of the British sporting calendar as te ... Read more

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Spotlight On The Photographer: #JUSTMEANDBLU

“Try not to follow anybody. Don’t try to be influenced by other people. ... Read more

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