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Can I Vape At The Ryder Cup?


Can I Vape At The Ryder Cup?

The Ryder Cup 2016 is set to arrive in Minnesota, with the USA and Europe ready to battle it out over three days at the Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska.

Golf’s most hotly anticipated contest will start on Friday 30th September, and Europe will be hoping to hold on to the trophy which they’ve held since 2010. With the opportunity to watch the likes of Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth go head-to-head in matchplay golf’s signature event, any vapers hoping to travel to the States and take in the drama across all 18 holes will be keen to know the answer to one major question before the action starts: can you vape at the Ryder Cup?

Yes, you can vape and use e-cigarettes at the Ryder Cup, but there are a few conditions. Minnesota state law currently permits the use of e-cigarettes in privately-owned buildings and areas at the discretion of the owner. In this instance, tournament rules stipulate that vaping is not allowed inside “…any permanent or temporary buildings, inclusive of hospitality areas, on patios/decks or raised platforms, grandstands and bleachers”.

However, regulations outlined on the website states that vaping is permitted outside in certain areas:

“[Vaping] in an approved area will require the spectator to be 20 feet from any [of the aforementioned] structures”.

To ensure that vaping regulations are adhered to, it’s recommended that an official member of staff is consulted before starting to vape.

Anyone attending the Ryder Cup should also be aware that the tournament does not permit ticket holders to bring items such as backpacks, sealed packages or “…other items deemed inappropriate or dangerous by Ryder Cup security in their sole discretion” onto the grounds. The official event information also states that the tournament will not store any such items for a ticket holder.

It should also be noted that event regulations to do not allow spectators re-admission to the grounds after leaving:

“There will be no daily re-admission to the grounds of the Ryder Cup. Once the ticket has been scanned, it will no longer provide admission to the Ryder Cup, except when the weather warning signs are posted.”
For any further enquiries regarding vaping regulations at the Ryder Cup 2016, contact the official event organisers.

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