Gig Dates: Lizabett Russo Live Shows

Lizabett Russo’s tour sees her head around her native Scotland, starting with a few dates...

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Gig Dates: Port Erin Live Shows

Port Erin’s latest release “Ocean Grey” was met with critical acclaim a ... Read more

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Gig Dates: Bite the Buffalo Live Shows

Bite The Buffalo have a number of gigs coming up in the South this summ ... Read more

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Gig Dates: Remedysounds Live Shows

Remedysounds’ summer tour takes him all across the country, from the Co ... Read more

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Gig Dates: Veludo Planes Live Shows

Veludo Planes are currently in the process of putting together their ne ... Read more

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Gig Dates: XTALK Live Shows

After the success of having their amazing track “Wasted” appear on BBC ... Read more

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Get to Know Aaron Douglas

After cutting his teeth in Devon and Cornwall playing for Cosmo Jarvis, ... Read more

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Meet The Poet Junkies

The Poet Junkies are a four-piece indie rock band from Plymouth. Most r ... Read more

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The Poet Junkies: The Meaning Behind the Melody

Catchy, energetic and passionate – “Junkie In The Backstreet” has ... Read more

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Aaron Douglas: The Meaning Behind The Melody

It’s easy to see why “Shipwrecks” has been one of Aaron Douglas’ ... Read more

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