myblu™ Vape Pen Intense Starter Kit

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  • Ultimate satisfaction, vapour delivery and convenience.
  • 1 click liquidpods let you switch flavours in seconds.
  • Reliable power and rapid recharging.
  • Available in two great flavours.

Our new myblu™ Intense Starter Kit now allows you to discover two of our most popular Intense flavours, Golden Tobacco and Menthol. Our Intense liquidpods contain nic salts to deliver our most satisfying vape yet.

Your myblu™ Intense Starter Kit comes with everything you need to start or continue your journey with blu. You will receive:
1x myblu™ black device
1x Intense Golden Tobacco 18mg/ml Liquidpod
1x Intense Menthol 18mg/ml Liquidpod
1x USB charger

Only compatible with myblu™ Liquidpods.

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why choose myblu

  • One Click Wonder

    Switching is easy with prefilled liquidpods that seal with a click.

  • Power Play

    Recharge your device in just 20 mins to vape longer than ever.

  • Created for Comfort

    Crafted for a sleek and compact design that rests comfortably in your hand and mouth.