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Clearomiser and Battery Maintenance

Unlike Closed System e-cigarettes, Open System devices such as the blu PRO Kit feature removable parts that can be detached from one another. Because of this, they require regular maintenance, with the clearomiser and the battery needing particular attention.


Keeping your battery in top condition is very important. The battery is, of course, key to your e-cigarette, providing the power to charge the coil and heat the e-liquid. Without it, your e-cigarette simply won't work.

Some vapers own two batteries and alternate between them. This allows the two batteries to share the load. One battery is used, then once it runs low, the second battery is used while the first is being charged.

When recharging batteries, it's important to remember that they shouldn't be left on charge for too long. While it's tempting to leave a battery recharging overnight, that means the battery will be receiving power for around 7-8 hours (depending on how long you sleep) – more than is needed to reach full charge.

When you continue to charge a battery after it's hit full charge, you risk affecting the long-term quality of the battery and the amount of charge it can hold.


While the battery does not contain any e-liquid, it's still important to keep it clean. E-liquid from the clearomiser can spill or leak onto the battery, and sometimes it can build up in the connector between the clearomiser and the battery, which can impact the battery's ability to power the coil.

To clean your battery, gather some paper towels and wipe the battery down. If you spill e-liquid, you should clean it up immediately, and if you get any e-liquid on your hands, you must wash them. If you experience any signs of ill health, or if you ingest e-liquid, you should visit a doctor immediately.

To clear away any build-up of e-liquid in the connector between your battery and your clearomiser, use a cotton bud. Gently work the bud around the connector, being sure to clear away any of the build-up without applying too much pressure. You can also use a paper towel to do this. Do the same with the underside of your clearomiser - where it connects to the battery - as that will stop build-up that's accumulated there getting back onto the battery.


If you're experiencing a burnt or otherwise unpleasant taste, it’s time to change your clearomiser. Clearomisers should be replaced every 10 fills, in order to keep them working at peak condition. Simply dispose of your current clearomiser, attach a new one, and use. Remember to prime your clearomiser by taking a few draws without activating the e-cigarette. This will help the e-liquid soak into the wicks.

If you have any other questions about clearomisers or batteries, please visit the Customer Service section on the blu website.